Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yesterday, Sadie's walker arrived. I held back those tears as she completely adjusted and ran across that room.   I took it into the preschool in hopes they would make it work in that small environment and it did! The kids were so excited to interact with her eye to eye. This afternoon, she is very happy to be "walking" and she is wearing her glasses without immobilizers. God is sooo good!
I know she doesn't look thrilled in this picture (she is watching a movie) and I couldn't get a good video, but I promise she loves it! Our cabinets, couch, and armoire are seriously hurting, but it is so worth it.

In other news, there has been lots of snow here in Nebraska, but no complaints. Ben (and Greg) are loving it.


Shelley said...

How wonderful! God is GOOD... ALL THE TIME! Get back to blogging, GIRL! I miss you!!

our lady of perpetual stuff and nonsense said...

this totally made my Monday!

love to you guys!