Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Stuff

We've been spending a lot of time outside lately: grilling, basking in the sun, and washing windows...

That's right...Ben and Greg cleaned the back windows yesterday evening.  Score!

Tonight we grilled burgers and sweet potato fries.  I made a spinach salad to accompany the meal.  Ben ate a few bites, but then stated "I'm sooo full!"  Of course I told him I would leave the spinach salad on the table in case he was hungry later.  Can you guess what happened?  Greg "accidentally" threw it away. Interesting...since Greg told me earlier he felt Ben had tried enough of the salad.  Not to mention, Greg doesn't typically clean up the dinner dishes...

Had a great workout this morn at Power Hour: tons of lunges! In fact, I'm pretty sure we only did  lunges for at least 40 minutes of the workout!
Tomorrow is Body Pump again...wish me luck!

Getting excited about Ben's birthday celebration next weekend at Great Wolf Lodge!



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speech And Food

Today was Sadie's speech therapy evaluation.  I really liked the therapist (this is important).  Sadie whined through most of the evaluation. It involved lots of oral/facial touching.  Did I mention Sadie does not like to be touched above her shoulders?  She DOES NOT, and she will certainly let you know.  In fact, at one point the therapist said "Why yes you do have a lot of teeth don't you?", as Sadie started to bite her.  We learned she definitely qualifies for speech therapy: low oral tone, expressive/receptive language deficits.  No surprises.  I met a lot of nice women in the office today.  It's always nice to socialize with adults.  Sadie will officially start OT/Speech in Tyler beginning next Tuesday.  I'm already tired of the drive, and I've only been twice! I need to invest in some audio books. Last week, we went out to eat and then on to the mall for a little shopping.  This is a habit I cannot continue to participate in, so we left town as fast as possible!  Sadie falls asleep on the way home, but only for around 20 minutes.  She will need a second nap on Tuesdays for sure! 
Did I tell you she's cutting more teeth?  She has 12, and looks like she maybe getting 2-4 more!
The therapist was happy about her cup training.  We have been off the cup nipple for 5 days now with no significant meltdowns.
Today, I tried to push the limit with a hard spout cup.  I'm ambitious!

The therapist was also impressed with the variety of foods Sadie can tolerate (considering her low oral tone). Hey! That's my job!

Yesterday, we tried steamed zucchini and squash in a tomato sauce.

"I'm not sure about this Mom."

Moments before she decided to spit it out.

I'll keep trying! You can be sure of that!

I've been pushing Ben to try some new foods as well, and it's going surprising well.  I can only cook chicken so many nights per week!
Last night we had Asian soy burgers on whole grain buns with a pasta and vegetable medley (peas, red/yellow bell peppers), and he ate most of it.  Of course, we have to have a "pep talk" before he begins these new meals.
We are also eating healthier breakfasts.  I found a fabulous deal on toaster streudels at Sam's last month, and it was a HUGE mistake.  That's all he wanted for a month.  Needless to say, his streudel days are over.  And, I find NOT giving him a choice is much better for my sanity. We've been eating whole grain waffles/turkey sausage, breakfast burritos on high fiber tortillas, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc. It's so easy for moms to get in these "convenience" ruts!  I am learning from my mistakes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

While The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play

I wish I had something to back this title up, but I don't.  No mischievous behavior here.  In fact, I'm completely debilitated.  I texted my workout buddy (who owns a home health company), and asked her for a walker and potty chair.  For me. It hurts to walk, potty, sit, stand, etc.  Greg's response?  "Wow, you should really do that class again". Sure thing, honey!
There was a big storm last night, but the weather brightened up mid-day.  I found Ben's bubble gun, and it still worked!  He purchased it last year at Gulf Shores for $10 (of his own allowance).  He was so happy and shot me for at least an hour!

Can you tell Ben is soooo over me taking his picutre?

Ben had a friend over for a play date later in the afternoon.
Fake smiles.

Then, we headed to the mouse house...

Those cheeks. That skin. Those rolls. Those bows. I just love this princess.
Look at her balance when the ride starts to spin around. I'm preparing her for the trip to you know where this summer!

Both kids are fast asleep, and I am on my way!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Glutton For Punishment

Today, I tried this.

I can type, but it was difficult to lift a fork to my mouth (it was just a salad) at lunch.  Every muscle in my body is shaking.  There were easy parts and difficult parts.  If you know me, you know I am NOT strong. Cardio? No problem. Strength training? Not so easy for me.  The arm work was the most difficult.  To be honest, I was drenched in sweat by the end of the warm-up.  I do actually want to go back, though.  I can't believe you have to pay extra at the gym to be tortured! It's just wrong.

I also put these away.
For the "average" 20 month old, this is not a difficult transition.  For Sadie girl, it's been a little harder.  She's been practicing with a cup lid for months now, but would gulp, sometimes choke, and, subsequently, throw the cup down.  This week, she's finally starting to control that suck/swallow/breathe pattern with the much faster flow of the cup.  I thought this was a good time to go cold turkey since the softie (aka Greg) is out of the house for the next few days. 

With Greg out of town, I'm actually considering taking the kids here...

and maybe to watch this...

The weather doesn't seem to be cooperating with outdoor play, so I'm planning ahead.
We'll see how interested Sadie is in a non-animated movie.  Very unlikely.

And last, but not least, I'm sending a sizable check to these people.

which means scaling back in some other areas :(
Happy to do it, though! I think...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I cannot get enough of this amazing weather!  We have spent the last 2 hours outside.  Sadie is getting around quite well in her walker.  We have blocked off the "drop off" points with patio furniture, but it seems to be her goal to make it to the ER.  Here she is contemplating her escape.

I turn her around, she takes off, then looks at me with these eyes. I melt every time. Her daddy turns to mush.
Ben wants to spear me. Nice.

New construction would be nice, but I love looking up at these huge trees!

Do you see the tiny hydrangea buds?  Could it be that I have actually kept something alive for an entire year?! ( besides my children of course)

My new doormat, courtesy of a silent auction win at the Windridge Horse and Rider event.  I REALLY care about this doormat.  It cost me a pretty penny!

My new gourd bird feeder.  Sadie's therapist won the set of 3 bird feeders, but knew I had bid on them.  She gifted me on Tuesday with one of the trio!

Happy Earth Day!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad...

The Good: Sadie had two great doctor's appointments this week! Today was her audiological exam and she did so well.  She also had a wonderful ride today at Windridge.  The staff is amazed with her abs! If she falls backward, she does a full crunch to get back into position.  I have had nothing but amazing experiences with her hippotherapy staff, opthomologist (Dr. Hunter), and audiologist (Ken Martin).
The Bad:  These doctor's appointments stress me out.  I really had no worries about her hearing, but once I was in that sound-proof room, I started to panic a bit.  She didn't respond to some of the lower tones.  Luckily, this is perfectly normal for her age/attention span. 

The Good:  Greg really enjoys his job and the benefits that go along with it (and so do I!).  His continuing education is always paid for, including airfare, conference fees, books etc.
The Bad:  This weekend is Greg's weekend off, but he will be at an emergency medicine conference in Atlanta, GA for 3 days.  We will miss him!

The Good:  I am finally managing to shed some of my "winter coat".
The Bad: Apparently my metabolism has hit rock bottom (despite working out more than I ever have), and I am FORCED to manage my portions. Hello 34! Am I really 34?  I'm not going to lie.  It makes me sad.  I love food!  I have skipped many a meal at some recent events (to come home and make a salad), but it is really paying off.    I haven't eaten out in over a week.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop....Have you heard the new advertisment for the SuperSonic cheeseburger with cheddar peppers on it?  Is it wrong that I want it?  I promise, I would NEVER buy it, but it sounds good.  And if you act now, they'll throw in some free tots! Ok, I'm really done.  Yes, I am a registered dietitian, but I am human.

The Good: I have filled Ben's summer schedule: VBS, 2 week vacation, lego camp, swimming, and more...
The Bad: How will we pay for all of these activities?? Sheesh!

The Good: We are working on paying another big chunk of Greg's student loan.
The Bad:  I want to go shopping!!! For a weekend! Or a week!

The Good: Last night we visited a nursing home with Ben's Boy Scout troop.  We presented the facility with a handpainted rocking chair and sang The Star Spangled Banner.
The Bad:  I visited with quite a few residents, but the boys/parents rushed out of there so fast!  I let everyone who wanted to hold Sadie do so. I just wanted more time!  A baby brings energy to these places!  I need to make time on my own to visit the local nursing homes.  On the way home, I just bawled.  I just wanted to stay and visit and help them with their meals and hug them.  This is not uncomfortable ground for me.  Maybe I should go back to work part time.  We'll see what the future holds!

The Good:  My recycling bin runneth over! I have more recycled items than trash!
The Bad:  Obviously, I'm using too much plastic and paper and need to cut down!

Happy Earth Day tomorrow!  We will be planting a dogwood tree and blessing it at Ben's school in the morning.  Thinking about potting some new flowers with Ben after school.  We'll see...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Ben's Blue and Gold Boy Scout Banquet (at a party barn in the middle of nowhere).  I did not get lost!  I did a "practice run" the day before to make sure I could find it.  The Garmin doesn't work on places that have no physical address. Imagine that!  Ben was very proud of his new patches and beads.

This is pack 31

I know it's hard to see all the boys, but imagine 20 people trying to take a picture at once.

This is the rocking chair that they will be taking to a nursing home tonight.  They painted bugs all over it, and it is adorable.  I think I'll take Sadie along with me tonight.  The residents will surely want to hold a baby!

When these boys get together, it is total chaos!  I had to pull Ben out of the action after I saw the first boy go down (with blood).  Someone is always injured at a meeting.  Is it the testosterone?? Greg has given many of these boys sutures, and I don't want Ben to be next.

When Dad arrived home that evening, Ben asked him if he could make a slingshot.  Within minutes, the boys were in the shed, sawing and sanding! Greg is such a great father! He worked a ten hour day, but had no problem helping Ben with that slingshot.  I don't tell him enough how wonderful he is, but that night I made a point to tell him he is an AMAZING father to his children.

I know Ben will kill me one day for these pictures, but I am his Mother and it is my right!  Underwear, argyle socks, and dress shoes: priceless! Greg was wearing the same, but wouldn't let me take a pic!

Sadie wanted to know where all the noise was coming from!

We finished the evening listening to Ben read.


My sugar pie had her follow-up opthomologist appointment yesterday, and we received some great news! No more patching for now!  Yay!

Oh, and I was granted my wish of adult conversation and a movie with Greg! We watched "The Hangover" in bed (I know I'm 2 years late), and it was hilarious!  I need to make an effort for more "dates" with my husband.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy, Busy

 I have been running around all week long!  Every time I sit down, I think of something else that needs to be done.  Unfortunately, the coming week looks no different.  Sadie has an opthomology appointment, an audiologic exam, and two therapy sessions, and Ben has his normal homework load, keyboard, scouts, karate, and maybe even a karate tournament.  I'll have to go look at my schedule. Within the mix, I have to fit in a Dr's appt for myself and Greg has a dentist appt. Whew!  Maybe I can fit in a much needed pedicure as well!

Ben has been busy building this Star Wars ship this week

Purchasing these books at the book fair...Bugs, Dream Machines, and a Magic Treehouse book (yay! I didn't even prompt him).
The Weapons of War book is just a check-out from the library. Should I be concerned?

Going on a "date" with his art and music teachers (a silent auction win from one of his good buds at school).  They watched "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3-D and then to Pizza King for dinner.  I was a little jealous...dinner and a movie sounds pretty good right now!  He was gone for almost 4 hours! I may have been waiting in the front yard for him, having a mild anxiety attack.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this child?  If he breaks a bone, they'll probably have to sedate me.

And making me laugh!  Some funnies from yesterday:

 "Why on earth would someone build a Drug Emporium? Drugs are bad!"  

"I think Sadie is going through a gross spurt (after she had a nasty sneeze)!" 

While holding a pencil up to his nose "Look Mom, I'm a giant standing behind a pole!" (my favorite)

Sadie's been working on her posture (he he)

Today is church with 3 kiddos, a playdate, birthday party, and the Boy Scouts banquet!

When Greg gets home, I'm going to beg him to get the kids to bed and hang out with me.  I need some adult conversation!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I Love

MY HUSBAND: Saturday we went out on a date! Can you believe it? We went downtown to Osaka's for some sushi, then on to Gerald's martini bar for a drink.    

MY GARMIN GPS: I wasn't super excited about this until today. It is really easy to use and took me everywhere I needed to go!  It even clocks your speed (even though I would never speed...he he )

SADIE'S NEW OT: Today we traveled to Tyler to meet Sadie's new OT. She was intense, but I really liked her.  I know Sadie will benefit from her aggressive treatment plan.

PLANNING BEN'S BIRTHDAY BASH: Ben begins planning his next birthday party the day after his last.  I love seeing him so excited as it draws near.  He is soooooooooo very special to me, and I love celebrating his life.

MY NEW GRILL:  We were gifted with a new grill/smoker from Grandma Deb this weekend after our old one finally went kaput.  My mom bought our first grill around 6 years ago, and we loved it.  The way I see it, the moms can just continue to alternate these purchases (I'm sure they do not find this funny).

FAMILY TIME: We spent a lot of time outside this past weekend.  I loved seeing both kids on their bikes, meeting new neighbors (thank goodness Greg has some social skills, as I DO NOT), and spending time on the patio.

LIGHT FOODS: I have been eating HUGE salads every day. Last night, I baked tilapia and served it with a side of okra and tomatoes.  YUM YUM YUM

GORGEOUS WEATHER: Warm. Breezy. No mosquitos yet. Enough said.

SPRING PROGRAMS: Ben's spring program is entitled "How Does Your Garden Groove?" He has a speaking part and his first solo.  Grandma Deb helped me with the corn costumes, proving that two heads are definitely better than one!  We made 2 costumes together, and I have 1 left.  I loved the way it turned out!

LILITH FAIR: My sis invited me to Lilith Fair this summer, and the calendar actually agrees! This is unheard of.  The calendar never agrees.  I can't wait to spend the day with two of my favorite girls (minus my absolute favorite girl of course; Sadie will go in a few years for sure) listening to some amazing music! SO EXCITED!!!!