Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy, Busy

 I have been running around all week long!  Every time I sit down, I think of something else that needs to be done.  Unfortunately, the coming week looks no different.  Sadie has an opthomology appointment, an audiologic exam, and two therapy sessions, and Ben has his normal homework load, keyboard, scouts, karate, and maybe even a karate tournament.  I'll have to go look at my schedule. Within the mix, I have to fit in a Dr's appt for myself and Greg has a dentist appt. Whew!  Maybe I can fit in a much needed pedicure as well!

Ben has been busy building this Star Wars ship this week

Purchasing these books at the book fair...Bugs, Dream Machines, and a Magic Treehouse book (yay! I didn't even prompt him).
The Weapons of War book is just a check-out from the library. Should I be concerned?

Going on a "date" with his art and music teachers (a silent auction win from one of his good buds at school).  They watched "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3-D and then to Pizza King for dinner.  I was a little jealous...dinner and a movie sounds pretty good right now!  He was gone for almost 4 hours! I may have been waiting in the front yard for him, having a mild anxiety attack.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this child?  If he breaks a bone, they'll probably have to sedate me.

And making me laugh!  Some funnies from yesterday:

 "Why on earth would someone build a Drug Emporium? Drugs are bad!"  

"I think Sadie is going through a gross spurt (after she had a nasty sneeze)!" 

While holding a pencil up to his nose "Look Mom, I'm a giant standing behind a pole!" (my favorite)

Sadie's been working on her posture (he he)

Today is church with 3 kiddos, a playdate, birthday party, and the Boy Scouts banquet!

When Greg gets home, I'm going to beg him to get the kids to bed and hang out with me.  I need some adult conversation!

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Melissa said...

Your life exhausts me!!! But also makes me jealous!