Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge 2010

After a quiet family Christmas, we headed to GWL for some family fun.  Greg has been working a TON lately and wanted to have a little family vacay.  Thank goodness Sadie loved it this time.  It has taken 2 years of GWL visits, but this time was THE TIME.  She loved the wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie pool.  She also enjoyed her first pedicure, making some new Crocs at the Croc station, and a strawberry sundae made just for her!  Ben was gifted with a new MagiQuest wand and holster.

Where's my breakfast?

I thought I would "cut the umbilical cord" a bit and let Ben make his own plate at the kid station.  He put half of a stick of butter on his pancakes and chose some maraschino cherries as a side :)

No, he did not eat this gross pancake. Just the cherries.

It was nice to have some snow falling, even if it wasn't real :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For a child is born to us,
a son is given to us; upon his shoulder dominion rests.
They name him Wonder-Counselor,
Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:5

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am so thankful for Greg who works constantly to provide for our family (with only minimal complaints).  He is working every day this holiday season and WE MISS HIM!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What do you get...

when you lunch with 4 women and 6 children (5 under the age of 4)


We had three crying at once! They all seem to catch on to each other's woes.

Most of the tables were staring at us and laughing, so I just waved to them and continued to eat as much as possible before my youngest had a complete meltdown.

But it is worth it to spend time with my favorite women and their children.

Baby Micah wins the award for most well-behaved.
Noah wants more food and a nap.

Ben wants to continually argue with Elisa. He, too,  was awarded with a nap after we made it home.  He is also sweeping the back patio for rolling his eyes at me.  So afraid of him becoming a teenager...

Ava wants her lovey (which is at home).

Sadie wants a nap.

I'm thinking next time I will do lunch at my house so we can have some stress-free fellowship :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Medical Update

I finally received a call from the geneticist today.  These are the results:

Her mitochondrial testing came back normal, other than some variances that could lead to Alzheimer's or bipolar disorder later in life.  When questioned, she did say that if any of us had mitochondrial testing, there would always be something found.  No one's DNA is perfect.

The test for congenital metabolic disorder of glycosylation was not run.  Something happened with her specimen and the office was just notified 2 months later :(  Hate that she had that blood draw for no reason.  We will not have this re-drawn, as I researched it and she has no symptoms other than some extra dimples on her body.  I, too, have extra dimples on my body.  Just had to throw out a little humor there :)

The testing for Rhett will not be covered by insurance, as she does not have microcephaly or seizure disorder.  It will be $1500 at Baylor if we decide to have it done.  The jury is still out on that one.  It is not the money.  We just really don't think she has it.

She gave us some further testing options including more chromosomal testing that would hit 1.8 million probes rather than the half million in her previous testing and/or more metabolic testing with a specialist at Cooks Children Medical Center in Fort Worth.  We are seriously considering the latter, but it would most certainly include a spinal tap. Gulp.

Please pray that we make the right decisions regarding her testing.  We do not want to put her through more trauma, but if we can help her in any way, we want to go forward.  Sometimes we want to just throw our hands up and say "no more" and then those doubts start running through our heads and we want to be aggressive.  We accept and love our baby girl for who she is.  She is perfect in our eyes :)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:5

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Fun

Friday morning was Ben's Christmas party at school.  I arrived early to set up the food table and craft table.  You would think I would get some good pictures of these events, but when you are in charge and everyone is screaming "Miss Jacobs!" at you constantly, it just doesn't happen.  I am happy to say everything went smoothly.  We made sand ornaments and then painted them.  Some children chose to make magnets or regular painted ornaments or both.  I am so glad I purchased multiple crafts because those kids are creative!  A few things I am learning about their food choices: they only want grapes (no melon, no pineapple, no fruit dip); baby carrots are the only vegetable they will eat (one child did choose some cherry tomatoes and celery and I hugged her neck and told her I loved her); no ranch dip was taken; donut holes and cookies are the big hits; cheese and crackers? not so much.  So now I know.  Ben took a little of everything. That's my boy!

In the middle of the party, the intercom came on and I heard "Will Sarah Mcclain Jacobs please come to the office?".  I don't know why that would send chills down a 34 year old woman's body, but it did.  I have always had a great fear of the principal's office.  The only time I was ever called in was to be told I was salutatorian.  Luckily, someone had found my drivers license that had dropped out of my coat.

Friday night was date night!  We went downtown to Osaka for some salad, sushi, and wine :) Greg had hot tea instead. 

Clearly, I need to either borrow one of Sadie's bows or cut my bangs.
But I did step out of my comfort zone and was sporting some "jeggings" (some new jean/legging combo that I swore I would never purchase) and knee high boots.  Greg took a picture, but it is so dark in there, you couldn't see me at all.

My sweet friends Tricha and David watched our children and we will be returning the favor tonight.  Can I get an amen for babysitting trade-offs!?

And last, but not least, I promised a picture of our neighbors "interesting" Christmas decor.  May I present to you Mrs. Claus and Scrooge...

More holiday posts to come!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Randomness

I am up at 4:30 this morning (and most mornings).  Although not intentional, it gives me time to do chores, read my devotional, and blog of course :)

Today's message from my devotional: "Jesus, we love Thee.  We see that all things are planned by Thee.  We rejoice in that vision." 
This is so true to me.  Everything that happens in my life is a result of His plan.  It is sometimes difficult to understand why things are happening, but if I just trust in Him, I always find a way to see the good.

This morning is Ben's Christmas party!  I have organized the whole thing (mainly because I am so Type A that no one else is allowed) and I hope it goes smoothly.  We are having donut holes, assorted fruit w/ yogurt dip, a veggie tray with ranch dip, and a cracker/cheese tray.  We also have an assortment of crafts, including sand ornaments, magnets, and ornaments to paint.  The gift bags hold books, silly bandz, stamps, chocolate gold coins, peppermints, and Jelly Belly candy canes.  Pictures to come! 

Tonight is date night!  So many people offer to babysit for us, and I never take them up on it.  Tonight is the night.  Greg and I are going out to eat and then to a movie.  I resolve to make "date night" a priority (at least monthly).  I can't wait to have some alone time to talk without interference :)

I am excited about a girl's reunion (Class of 94') coming up in January.  I didn't think I would be able to go, but everything has worked out.  Then I realized it was still more than a month away :(  Can't wait to catch up with everyone's lives!

I seriously need to wrap my presents.  Hopefully, today is the day!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Week

Last weekend, we travelled to Round Rock for Uncle Aaron's graduation.  I was soooo proud of him.  This is a man who cares for his 3 children, works full-time, and went back to school to further his career.  I may have high-fived him when he walked down the aisle :)  Sadie did well at the ceremony, thanks to a steady feeding of yogurt pretzels and chocolate provided by my sister.  She is awesome.  A family party followed.  Lots of barbecue, visiting, laughing, and pictionary! The boys insisted on playing towards the end, and I have to say, they were suprisingly good!

I stole this pic of the graduate off of my sister's blog :)

Crazy cousins

The AFOs have arrived and our on our sweet (um, not-so-sweet) princess.  She is fighting this treatment, but unfortunately, she does not know her momma is even more strong-willed than she is :)  I will win this battle. We did buy her $45 Twinkle Toe Sketchers.  She should be grateful.

Yesterday, we completed the angel tree delivery for our church.  I was overwhelmed with the generosity of our congregation.  Twenty four bikes were purchased, in addition to clothing, shoes, and coats.  I bawled like a baby after the delivery to Buckner Family Ministries.  I am so thankful to be a part of such a giving church community.  This is Greg's truck loaded down with 15 bikes.  Oh no, I'm crying again. Gotta go!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, not starving in the physical sense.  Anyone who has seen me lately can notice the extra poundage.
More like starving in the spiritual and emotional sense.  More like "Lord, please give me more purpose and let me serve you."
Today, I actually did a nutrition assessment for a pediatric tube fed patient!  This may not be at all exciting to you, but I have not been able to work in 2 years.  I LOVED working in the ICU.  I LOVE to help people and see positive outcomes. I NEEDED this and He gave it to me when I asked.
When I opened up my devotional book this morning, it said
"I have meat to eat that ye not know of."
"Meat is to sustain the body.  To do the Will of God is the very strength and support of Life.  Feed on that Food.  Soul starvation comes from the failing to do and delight in doing."
Today, I fed my soul.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Harrison Birthday!

This weekend, we traveled to Austin for my nephews' 8th birthday party.  The trip there went fairly well.  We stopped At Dickey's in Buffalo so the children (including Greg) could eat, then headed to Grandma Lucy's house.  Sadie was not too impressed with her accomodations (Pack n Play).  She started screaming like mad and continued to for quite a while, despite book reading, milk cups, singing, etc.  It was a bit stressful.  Luckily, Ben can sleep through anything.  I finally was able to get her down.  When I woke in the morning, I couldn't find Greg.  I went out to the van and found him sleeping there!  He said he was just so tired, that he made the decision to go rest in peace.  In his defense, he has been working like mad and is exhausted.  I still couldn't believe it, though.
Saturday morning, the family (sans Greg) headed to the Harrison household to hang out and work on party preparations.  The kids played, this momma napped, and we built gingerbread houses.  Well, sort of.  I am not very crafty and managed to make one collapse.  Luckily, the boys didn't care about all of the details, ate a few bites, and then threw them away. Miles and Julian opened their presents from us and then we were outta there.  No girls allowed!  It was a boy sleepover.  From what I hear, there was a huge turnout, an amazing treasure hunt, yummy food, a small fire, and lots of fun!  Greg was there to help out with all of the testosterone.
The girls headed to Salt Grass for dinner.  I had my beloved stuffed jalepenos, Sadie had a sweet potato and asparagus, and mom had steak.  Sadie stared mom's steak down the whole meal and ended up eating half of it.  That's my girl!  We headed home for some relaxation.  I love just sitting on my mom's couch and chatting.  Her house is so warm and inviting.  She gave me a devotional book and we read together.  She also gave me a very generous donation for our angel wreath at church :)
 On the way home to Longview, we had a little discussion about moving closer to family.  We love being around the crowds, laughing, and watching our children play together.  Who knows what the future will hold? 

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Day At Church

In the morning, I got together with some girls for our "So Long Insecurity" bible study.  I love that we meet in the nursery with our loud children while we laugh and cry and learn from each other.

We finally completed the angel advent wreath.  There are so many angels on that wreath.  I pray that our congregation will be able to meet all of the needs of those precious children!

Confirmation class in the evening.  We studied the prayer book.  I must have raised my hand a hundred times to ask questions.  Clearly, I should have gone to these classes earlier in my life. I learned so much!  I am so thankful that they could provide childcare so I could attend :)

And lastly, I love this picture.  It reminds me of the beauty of our wedding and our children's baptisms :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Choose to Laugh

To laugh or to cry?  I choose to laugh at all of our crazy days.

This morning, I asked Greg to put Sadie's shoes on while I packed Ben's lunch.  In carpool, I noticed she was staring at her feet intently.  He had put her shoes on the wrong feet.  This is a man who provides urgent care to approximately 40 patients per day.  Dressing a 2 year old?  Not so much.

Yesterday, Greg called me in the morning and asked me to make a gift basket for a co-worker who was taking another job.  Ask me to shop?  No problem.  I purchased everything for the gift basket and took it to a local shop, where they could wrap it up for me.  It took 45 minutes.  Strolling a tired 2 year old around for 45 minutes is not really fun. 

We then made it home by 1:30 and I put Sadie down for a nap.  I tried to let her nap until the very last minute before we had to pick up Ben.  When I went to get her (at the very last minute before we had to leave),  I found her soaked.  She had partially pulled off her diaper.  I changed her, put her in the car without a jacket or shoes, and covered her with a blanket for warmth.  It's cold here.  When I arrived to the school, I realized I had left the carpool tag on the counter (Greg had picked him up the day prior).  So, there I was walking into the school with my 2 year old with no jacket or shoes and baby blanket wrapped around her, asking for my son.  Mother of the year.

It gets better.  Sadie was overtired from her short nap.  We were late for piano because Ben "conveniently" stuffed his piano books in his closet where I couldn't find them.  So with a screaming child and grumpy 7 year old, we headed to piano last night.  I turned around to calm Sadie down and heard my car scrape against our fence.  It was dark by then, so I didn't really realize the damage that had been done.  Let me just say, it's not pretty.  Of course my van has 120,000 miles on it, multiple dings, and numerous scratches.  It's not a big deal.  I just can't believe I wasn't paying attention to the fence.

I think there are at least 5 other mishaps that have happened over the past 48 hours, but there are dishes to do and laundry to fold :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


We had a wonderful Advent service yesterday.  The children learned about the mystery leading up to His birth, made Advent wreaths, and received their calendars.  Ben's wreath was a little "different" and I'm pretty sure there may be a fire in my house this holiday season, but I couldn't change it.  It was a true Ben original :)
We then went to lunch.  Ben's choice. Red Lobster.  A bird pooped on my head on the way into the restaurant.  Yes.  A bird pooped on my head,  I'm pretty sure Ben and I laughed for at least an hour :)
Today, everything resumes again: school, therapy, workouts, activities.  I'm making Ben cinnamon rolls to start him off right.  Unfortunately, he has decided he wants to pack his lunch right now.  More work :)
Speaking of work, I'm really itching to get back to work. Greg and I are talking about it, but it is a difficult situation.  I have a child with developmental disabilities who needs me and yet I want to get out and work.  I love to work!  I'm on a mother's day out list right now, so hopefully I can at least volunteer somewhere if she gets a spot.  This house is smothering me :)

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today, we went to Kidzstation, which has huge tunnels and slides and games and a toddler area, which Sadie has finally acclimated to.  We ate lunch, played games, rode some toddler rides, and played.
I finally had to travel to the grocery store this afternoon.  You can only eat turkey for so long. I made chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy for the family.  I also made chicken salad with almonds, bacon, and celery for Greg.  I begged Ben to glean the meat off the bone, but he refused.  He did shred  the chicken for me, though.  Greg said he would take him pheasant hunting to "break him in".  I'm looking forward to it.  We can't all be weak in this family.
I may have also gone on a 5 am shopping spree online for myself :)  It's time.
I'm looking forward to our advent Sunday school in the morning :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


1.  When Greg finally let me read his post, I cried.  I wish so much that I could have met his grandparents.  When I ask Greg what made them so special, he can't answer.  They just were.  I love how much he loved them.

2.  I am strong-willed and so is Greg.  We are working on a compromise :)

3.  I love Thanksgiving.  I don't have to cook for at least 3 days.

4.  I went to the mall today just for fun :)  I only bought a calendar, but I felt like I just had to shop for something.  We ate and then Ben bungee jumped.

5.  I love listening to our prayers and thanks on Thanksgiving day.  It makes my heart happy.

6.  I love getting ready for Christmas.  It is my favorite holiday.  I love celebrating the birth of our Savior. 

7.  I am very much trying not to correct Greg's spelling and grammar on the last post :)

8.  I think I am officially a vegetarian.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving by Greg

I just asked Sarah "how do you get on this blog thing", she asked why and is now very scared about what I am writing, so as this is new to me please bear with me.  And remember that gramer and speelling are not one my strong suits. hahaha
This morning I was out jogging in the new trail near our house.  It was a beautiful overcast day and with no distractions it gave me some time to think about this holiday and what it means to me

Some wonderful Thanksgiving memories -
1.  Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Bremers riding Mom's and Ann's old "girl bike. Every time we would go out to the garage with Grandpa, and he would get them off the wall and we could ride them around the block.  If we were particularly good he would walk us across the street and we could ride on the other block.
2.  Grandmas ribs
3.  After Thanksgiving dinner going downstairs and taking a nap on the big orange soft fuzzy couch (I think it was orange but I'm color blind so who knows)
4.  Playing "touch" football with Aaron in the front yard
5.  getting chased around the house by Megan, John and Katie
6.  Pretend typing on that old typewriter in Grandma and Grandpas basement
7.  Playing polish poker
8.  sitting on the front porch or in the kitchen in the evening with everyone talking about what the neighbors are up to  and the list could go on and on

Some things I am thankful for
My Wife - thank you for being so strong willed that even when I push you away you won't let me, for being so quick to forgive me even when I don't deserve it.
My Son - you make me proud with everything you do, you bring such joy to your sister with just a word
My daughter - you have made me a more patient, loving, better man, and you constantly make me happy
My country- that I was born in a place that affords me the freedoms to be able to do as I please
and to the soldiers and there families that sacrifice so much to keep us free.
My Lord - who is all knowing, all giving, all gracious and never forsakes me even when I am angry or undeserving of his blessing.... he continues to bless me and my family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and i pray that the lord continues to bless all of you.
Thank you for letting me post my thoughts on this day
ps Sarah will be resuming her blogging duties from here on out

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Monday, we watched sweet Laney.  She is such a good girl, and Ben loves playing with her.  We decorated turkeys, made a leaf pile, and ate pizza.

On Tuesday, one of their dogs went to heaven :(  He was sick for a very long time, so I'm glad he is not suffering any longer.

Ben lost another tooth.  He insisted on pulling it himself, so Greg tied some dental floss (a long piece) around it and let him try.  Ben tied two Star Wars figurines and a small ship on it, hoping the weight would pull it out.  It was only when I was trying to untie everything that it finally came out.  He is such a character :)

Tuesday afternoon, we visited the infamous Chuck E. Cheese.  Ben was experiencing some "cabin fever", and we needed to get out.  He played video games for 2 hours.  Luckily, Sadie is enjoying the rides now.  When the rides would stop, she would try and push one of the buttons to turn it back on.  It was so funny.  I might have overspent on tokens...

This morning, we decorated her tree (2 down, 1 to go).  The boys are planning on golfing this morning, and Ben and I are going on a date to see Tangled this afternoon.

I have cooked the sweet potatoes for tomorrow and purchased Sadie's Christmas gifts (yay for online shopping during naptime)

I can't believe it's 80 degrees during this holiday! Craziness.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Relaxation

This is the first day I have nothing scheduled!  I took a 3 mile walk/run this morn, then took the dogs for a walk.  Therapy with Sadie went well (mom and me therapy).  She is coming around after her multiple ear infections.  She was up for a few hours during the night.  I tried to let her cry it out after the 3rd episode, but when I finally went to check on her, her diaper was half off and she was completely soaked!  After a complete bed/baby clean-up, she was fast asleep.  Now she is having fun kicking the French doors :) 

Greg is off for a run.  I really wish I had his endurance.  He could easily do a 5K or more.

Ben is so happy about the holidays.  He requested an apple pie for Thanksgiving.

The menu:
Turkey w/ cornbread stuffing
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
Whole cranberries
Whole wheat rolls
Apple pie

On another note, we had our house re-appraised yesterday in preparation for refinancing.  It went very well! I am so grateful.

Have a wonderful holiday week!