Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mealtime With An Ear Infection

This is what we have been dealing with for 2 weeks or more. I don't know if it's her ear or her age or her inability to communicate her wants/needs or a combination of all of the above, but it is exhausting.

No more restaurants for a while!

So...just in case you think your child is throwing too many fits, my girl takes the cake :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back To The Gym!

Today was my first appointment with my trainer. I attended the Body Pump class and then did cardio under her instruction.  I dropped Sadie off at school and ran to Starbucks for a latte and tried to down it in 10 minutes. Probably not the best idea if you don't drink coffee on a normal basis, but there is no way I could have gotten through it without some caffeine.  Even though I was trembling afterward, I felt like I could run a marathon. Yay caffeine!  My plan is to do Body Pump twice a week and train with her twice a week.  She even mentioned running! Scary! We really want to work on my abs so I have adequate core strength/back strength to carry Sadie. Ms. Priss is not getting any smaller. My abs need some serious attention. I have never drank some much water in 1 1/2 hours in my entire life :)

One of the girls in Body Pump warned me about the trainer "being dry". I told her I was some serious competition. We got along great!

Tonight, we are carving pumpkins :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Good And The Bad

I think I'll just do this by family member. It's been so long since I've blogged because things around here are CRAZY.

Good: He likes his job. The nurses are wonderful, as is the facility.  He is not working as many hours and that is nice.

Bad: He does not love his job. He is not seeing many patients per day and he feels like he doesn't have "the pull" that he did at his last job.  He feels restricted and the docs are commenting on his documentation.  Don't get me wrong. I totally agree. Greg's penmanship, grammar, etc. could use some freshing up.  I just want him to be happy.  I think it will just take some time.

Good: I love how happy Ben is in this neighborhood and I really do like my house.  I've been trying to decorate little by little, but it has been a challenge with Ms. Grumpy Pants. I went to my second MOPS meeting and have been invited to another at a different church.  I love getting out and holding those sweet babies.

Bad: This actually shouldn't be a bad, but I have my first personal trainer appt. tomorrow. She wants me to do Body Pump then 30 minutes of cardio and maybe more.  I can barely even get the clips on the weights for the class so I am more than a little terrified.  Two hours of exercise = nightmare.  I so need to get in shape though, so here we go...
This might be too much information, but I have had more and more irregular bleeding so I must go back to the gyn on Monday :(

Where do I start?
Good: Ben is so smart (I can say that since he's mine :) ). He rec'd all A's on his report card today. He has been finishing his homework in record time so he can go outside to play.  He woke at 5 am this morning, made his bed, dressed, took the dogs out and fed them.  He also does every chore I ask of him in the evening (laundry, dishwasher, cooking, you name it). Last night, he planted a tree at scouts and had dirt all over him and under his nails.  I just swallowed and breathed and let him be. We also went to Family Fun Night at his school and he made a cobra out of his gourd.  He is so creative and the principal was impressed = bonus points.

Bad: One word: MANIPULATIVE.  He can talk his way out of any situation (mini Greg). He puts toys and candy on all of my grocery lists. Last night, he hid a bag of Three Musketeers under his bed. We found them this morning while the dogs were trying to get into them. Sigh... Luckily, I know his lying face and catch him every time. I want him to FEAR me. Is that bad?

Sadie: Oh my...
Good: We have started private therapy for her and it is going really well.  I also took a signing class so I will be able to teach her some new signs.  She has ST on Tuesdays and OT/PT on Wednesdays. I take her to school after therapy.

Bad: She has been having some behavioral issues lately.  This week, she has been refusing to sit for a short amount of time.  She has been raring back in anger.  Meal times are very difficult.  We have decided not to take her to restaurants for a while until this passes. Grocery shopping is a nightmare. Tonight, I am waiting on Greg to get home before I shop. Today, we had her Fall Festival at school. Her paraprofessional called in, but I tried to stay and help Sadie with the centers. This did not work. If I am present, she will not comply.  I waited til we were in the car to cry.  It's just so frustrating sometimes. I know it will get better.

We have definitely had a difficult transition.  We have experienced a lot of stress lately. I contacted a marriage counselor last week and have been to one session. Greg will see her tomorrow and then we will go together.  I love my husband more than anything and refuse to let this transition tear us apart.  I trust in God and know that he brought us here for a reason. He gave us Ben and Sadie for a reason. He gave us these dogs for a reason (did I tell you I tried to give them away last week?). He gives us challenges to make us stronger. We have been to 4 churches thus far and have not really found what we need, but I know He will lead us. 

Until next time...

Friday, October 7, 2011


The wind is blowing 30 MPH right now. There are toys and lawn equipment in my yard that do not belong to me.  I can't find the grill cover either. It might be on the next street..

Ben is doing well with his braces.  He had a bracket replaced and a power chain put on on Wednesday.

He is riding his bike to school and has almost been hit by a car twice. He actually crashed into an electric pole to avoid being hit.  He is now wearing a helmet and I MAKE him stop at the corner to look both ways.  I have been walking him to the corner again to make sure he is diligent. Sigh...

Sadie loves school and is doing well.  I love to pick her up and see her excitement to come home with her mama.

We are all dealing with some allergies due to soybean dust and wind.  We are all on Allegra and Greg is taking Vitamin C and cough drops.  He is enjoying his new job, but the patient load is much less. He does have a flat screen TV and computer in his office, so at least he can watch the news.

Greg finally arrived "home" a few days ago and has been very busy putting in the shock collar system for our dogs.  I thought I would actually enjoy seeing Charlie shocked after a rough couple of weeks, but when it actually happened, I felt bad.  I don't think he will be venturing out of the yard again.

I'm off to to some dish duty and laundry. Happy Friday!