Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

I know Mondays aren't really great for anyone, but mine seemed especially challenging.  I woke at 6 am to shower, pack Sadie's diaper bag, prepare Ben's breakfast, tackle some chores, etc.  We barely made it out the door in time, and I was nowhere near ready for the gym.  I'm trying to travel from Ben's school directly to the gym, but I just can't seem to get it all together by the time we need to leave.  My hair was still wet, Sadie had not been fed, I was "sort of" dressed to workout.  We headed back to the house to finish what was started and finally made it back out around 8:30.  On the way to the gym, Greg calls to ask if I can bring his glasses to the clinic.  U-TURN.  I finally make it to the gym a little after nine and head to the daycare.  I sat Sadie on the counter as usual and handed the provider my key tag.  Before I knew it, Sadie had jumped off the counter.  I caught her (sort of). You might ask, "why on earth does this woman sit her baby on the counter?".  Well, its just what I've always done.  She usually just swings her legs back and forth with excitement, and I'm always right next to her.  She came away from it mostly unscathed other than some redness on the right side of her cheek.  She calmed down pretty quickly, but I couldn't leave her there after that.  I felt like the worst mother in the world.  U-TURN.  After some motrin, lots of love, and some book-reading, we were both feeling better.
The dog is having some serious abandonment issues.  He just cries and cries when we leave, even though I'm rarely gone for more than an hour.  I purchased a kennel and hope that will make him feel safe when we are out of the house.  If I can just make myself put the dog in the kennel...
I think I just attract needy dogs.
How can a family of four create so much laundry?  4 loads done, 4 to go.
I look at the calendar and have to laugh.  Every single day is full of something to do, somewhere to be...
I pick Ben up from school, get him a snack, and finally sit down to have a minute to myself and realize...Ben has piano practice.
Retrieve piano books, re-pack diaper bag, listen to dog wimper as I grab my keys...
We arrive home, and begin dinner and baths...
Greg arrives home.  I spend maybe 2 minutes with him, then pass out.
Lovely Monday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outside Time

We  have been spending so much time outside!  Last night Greg put up Sadie's swing  (why wait for her birthday when she can be enjoying it now?).  Ben took another round on the slip 'n slide.  Louis just hung out.



Me?  Well, I was in the kitchen preparing my first seafood boil.  We devoured it outside on the patio w/ some veggie focaccia.  I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself.  It needs a little tweeking of course, but most all was gone by the end of dinner.  That's a pretty good sign to me :)



This morning, Greg and I took turns on the trail near our house.  I love having quiet time to myself :)  On my way back, I ran into Greg, Ben (on his bike), Sadie (on her Amtryke), and Louis (being pulled on his leash by Ben).  It was such a hilarious picture.  Greg is very ambitious. 
Louis and Sadie are napping now.  Greg is at the hardware store (when is he not?), and Ben is playing Wii (he's not allowed to play it on school nights).
I'm thinking of napping myself...


Friday, August 27, 2010

Very Happy Friday!

We woke to a temp of 68 degrees this morn. HEAVEN.  I just can't wait until Fall! My favorite season of all! 
Greg had coffee on the back patio with Sadie and Louis this morning :)
Sweet Louis (now pronounced like Louis Armstrong; the other pronunciation just didn't fit) has definitely acclimated to our household.
He slept at the foot of our bed last night and greeted both children this morning in his own way.
He sits between Sadie's legs (with a pained look on his face) and lets her roughly pet/clap him, etc.
I just feel so lucky to have him.
I picked him up from the groomer's and didn't even recognize him!

We headed to the park.  I am definitely taking advantage of these lower temps!

Louis was taken on a long walk and then Sadie hit the swings!

Sweet Louis is now fast asleep in his doggy bed.  He has been poked and prodded for 2 days straight and is worn out!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


After our wonderful dog-sitting experience last week, Greg and I started researching dog breeds.  We found the perfect breed (King Cavalier Spaniel)  and starting looking at breeders around the nation.  The price: $1800.  OUCH. 
So, on a whim, the kids and I took a trip to the SPCA last night.  I've done it before, and it always hurts my heart.  I just can't believe so many people choose not to spay or neuter their pets, when it is almost free if they just take the energy to get the animal to the shelter for the procedure.  There were at least 40 puppies there, grouped into cages with their siblings.  Most were labs.  No golden retrievers :(  So, I let the kids look at the dogs a few times, then headed out. 
I had just loaded up the kids and was heading to the driver's side when a woman and her mother came walking up the sidewalk, crying.  They were holding a little poodle and said to me, "Please take our dog.  We can't take it in there."
"What's going on?", I replied.  They then told me their landlord had threatened to evict them if they kept it (there was a "no pet" policy").  I then asked them a million questions about the dog, told them I would call my husband, and encouraged them to go inside and get the dog registered at the shelter.  It really is a nice shelter, and I was pretty sure Greg would say no, maybe, or no ;)  And yet, it felt VERY right.  
So...I called him, and after a few minutes, he said YES!  I went into the clinic to retrieve the dog, and the owners were sooo happy.
After a very tearful goodbye (these people seriously loved this dog), we headed home.  I had no idea what to expect, but he is amazing.  Totally potty-trained, wonderful with kids, doesn't bark, so loving, etc.  What a blessing to our family!

So...please welcome
Louis Jacobs

He had a wonderful night snuggling his Daddy (Greg is smitten, by the way).

We headed to the vet this am for the full head to toe check-up and multiple vaccinations.

Poor sugar had no idea what was about to happen :(

This is Louis post-vaccination.

Tomorrow, he heads to the groomer's...

For now, he has a new camo collar/leash, tags, a chenille doggy bed, and some premium dog food.

He is a very happy dog.

The kids love him.

My bank account does not.


Monday, August 23, 2010

2nd Grade

I just love this boy so much!

The first day of school today went just fine.

Ben's favorite part of the day: LUNCH.

He was so excited to have different choices.

Least favorite part: waiting for me during carpool.  I, too, was upset with the 45 minute wait :(

This evening, we headed to piano practice.  Ben really likes his new teacher.  Mrs. Cathy is a sweetheart.


I'm praying for a wonderful first week for Ben.  Lots of "newness" for him, but I know he will overcome any obstacle in his path. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to Reality

Today is our last day of summer :(  We said goodbye to Princess Abi today (a golden retriever we have been watching for our friends, the Sapps).  I either need another child or a dog.  Just haven't made up my mind yet.  Once again, our house seems a little too empty.

Can you imagine how empty it will feel when Ben starts school tomorrow? (sniff,sniff)
I didn't do so well at Ben's back to school night.  The school is huge, I purchased all of the wrong school supplies, there was no assembly where they explained everything, I ran out of checks and couldn't buy the "spirit" t-shirt, etc...  At least I waited til we were in the car before crying.  In case you were wondering, Ben loves his new school, found some old friends he knew, and loves his teacher.  Momma just needs to toughen up. I really should be medicated.  I think Greg is starting to agree.  Then, we went to eat Mexican food, and I was just fine.

On the menu tonight: sweet and sour chicken (yes, I was feeling ambitious and made it myself) and fortune cookies (store bought; not quite that ambitious)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Baby Micah!

Poor sugar had a rough night, but is better now.  I'm  pretty sure he is just trying to get some extra lovin' with his parents ALONE :)

I had the privilege of watching these cuties while their brother was coming into the world.

The best part? Sending Greg to the store last night for Pull-Ups and panties.  Priceless.

Ben and Sadie loved the company!  The house seems much too quiet now :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Weeks of attempted eye patching have been unsuccessful.  She rips it off immediately, and I have a feeling it is a fun game for her.  So now we move to Plan B, which is a drop of atropine in her strong (right) eye weekly.  This dilates her right eye (which we all know blurs your vision), and forces the muscles in her left eye to become stronger.  A few months ago, we noticed her strabismus was returning.  In her case, her left eye turns inward when she is tired or excited (clapping her hands to music, etc.)  It's almost as if her brain cannot handle more than a few functions at once during these times of fatigue and fun.   So this morning, much to Greg's dismay, we administered her first drop.  I couldn't believe how quickly her pupil dilated!  Poor sugar.  However, she tolerated therapy just fine.  I was so afraid she would get dizzy and fall from her parallel bars or refuse to be on all fours, but those fears were laid to rest.  Her next eye appt is mid-September.  I am hoping we can discuss surgery or other alternatives.  I just do not want her to have any permanent eye damage from lack of treatment.  She has enough on her plate as it is.  She is not to be out in the sun with a dilated eye, which is perfectly fine with me because the heat here is just brutal!  Greg is out at Windridge today finishing the playhouse (trim and paint).  I tried to call him to tell him to come home, but no answer.  It is at least 102 as I write, and although his body has a strong tolerance to heat, I would hate for him to get sick or pass out.   Of course, there are plenty of folks around, so I shouldn't be too  worried.  Speaking of Greg, he will soon begin volunteering at a clinic here once monthly.  He faced some obstacles trying to get permision to practice there, but pursued it until all was clear.  God will be working through him (as He does every day), and I am very excited to hear about this "side job" of his.  Of course, we are all here to be temples for Him; to let Him work through us, but sometimes it is difficult to sit still and listen to that direction.   He has inspired me to listen a little more closely (isn't that what husbands are for? :) ) Well, enough rambling for now...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's True

It really does take a full 24 hours post vacay too get back to normal.  This morning I woke in full "mommy mode".  Therapy and worksheets resumed for the kiddos.  Naps were enforced.  I went to the store and planned meals for the week.  Laundry is going and beds are made.  Plants are watered and newts are fed.  Necessary errands were run.  Party planning is in progress.  Trying to catch up on blogs and a few shows.  On the menu tonight: spicy tortilla pie.  Must modify a bit for the kids: Ben had a soft taco and tropical fruit and Sadie had avocado, tomato, ground beef, and tropical fruit.  They both ate everything! No pics today, but currently Ben and Sadie are rolling around on the floor together laughing (hope you can get a mental picture).  Happy Tuesday!

I always love to hear this song

Monday, August 16, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Our weekend at the Gaylord included: wine, cheese, steak, more wine, pool lounging, shopping, pedicures, movies, magazine reading, and the most delicious brunch I have ever known.  It was over too soon (considering it took me at least 24 hours to relax and realize I had no children to care for).  I woke at 5:45 the first morning.  This is what happens when your body gets 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Did a little better the second morning: 7:30 :) 
I had a wonderful time, but was so glad to hug my family when I arrived home yesterday evening!  Never been so happy to resume meal/bath/bed/doctor's appointment duty!  I must admit, I am a bit sluggish today.  Maybe it will take another 24 hours to get back into "mommy mode".  I laid with Ben until he fell asleep last night, hugged Greg very tight all morning, and have held Sadie most of the day (she is very confused!).  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and mother!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

End of Summer

As the end of summer draws near, we have been soaking up the sun everyday in the backyard.  Granted, it will be "summer" in Tx until mid-October, but there will also be homework and after-school activities to tend to.  Ben is very excited about his new school, and we can't wait for his "back to school night" next week.  Greg is actually off that night, so we will be able to attend as a family.  This is new territory for us, and we have lots of questions.  Or maybe... I have lots of questions. For example, "can I be room mom, a field trip driver, lunch server, PTA president, etc.?"  I obviously need to get back to work. 
This weekend, my mom and I are headed to the Gaylord Texan in Dallas for some much needed girl time.  On the agenda: pool, manis/pedis, shopping, the movie "Eat, Love, Pray", and some amazing food and wine.  I can hardly contain myself.  Greg is on his own...please pray for him ;)

When I return, I will be in full party mode, planning this sugar's 2nd birthday! I'm so excited!