Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's True

It really does take a full 24 hours post vacay too get back to normal.  This morning I woke in full "mommy mode".  Therapy and worksheets resumed for the kiddos.  Naps were enforced.  I went to the store and planned meals for the week.  Laundry is going and beds are made.  Plants are watered and newts are fed.  Necessary errands were run.  Party planning is in progress.  Trying to catch up on blogs and a few shows.  On the menu tonight: spicy tortilla pie.  Must modify a bit for the kids: Ben had a soft taco and tropical fruit and Sadie had avocado, tomato, ground beef, and tropical fruit.  They both ate everything! No pics today, but currently Ben and Sadie are rolling around on the floor together laughing (hope you can get a mental picture).  Happy Tuesday!

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