Friday, August 27, 2010

Very Happy Friday!

We woke to a temp of 68 degrees this morn. HEAVEN.  I just can't wait until Fall! My favorite season of all! 
Greg had coffee on the back patio with Sadie and Louis this morning :)
Sweet Louis (now pronounced like Louis Armstrong; the other pronunciation just didn't fit) has definitely acclimated to our household.
He slept at the foot of our bed last night and greeted both children this morning in his own way.
He sits between Sadie's legs (with a pained look on his face) and lets her roughly pet/clap him, etc.
I just feel so lucky to have him.
I picked him up from the groomer's and didn't even recognize him!

We headed to the park.  I am definitely taking advantage of these lower temps!

Louis was taken on a long walk and then Sadie hit the swings!

Sweet Louis is now fast asleep in his doggy bed.  He has been poked and prodded for 2 days straight and is worn out!


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