Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am sooo far behind on my blog.  I have been busy, busy, busy.  The house is coming together nicely.  The dogs are back home permanently. Greg and Grandma Deb came in this past weekend and accomplished quite a lot. We continue to have 5 kids at our house/yard every evening (2 boys/3 girls).  This really motivates Ben to finish his homework and dinner in a timely manner :)  I think the girls come over just to play with me! We play board games in the front yard every night.  They are so sweet and loving towards Sadie!  Sadie and I will go to her school today to meet her new paraprofessional and outline her educational goals.  Exciting!  I drove Ben to Lincoln yesterday for his second orthodontist appointment.  He had x-rays and moldings done.  I have no idea when the braces or appliance will be put on.  We have to wait for the consultation appointment.  I was just happy I didn't get lost! How did we ever survive without our GPS?  This weekend I travel to West Point to visit family and the following weekend we celebrate Sadie's 3rd birthday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Almost Friday!

It has been a crazy week around here...

Sadie continues to scream when I leave the room, so I have been able to unpack around 2 boxes this week. Not good.

Ben received a note in his planner reporting he was having some major listening issues.  This was strike 3 for him, so I had to ground him from electronics (1 week of no TV, Wii, computer, DS) and outside time (just one night for the outside time).  This leads to "I'm so bored" about a thousand times, which is a nightmare.  I think (pray) he has learned his lesson, though.  Yesterday, there were no notes and 100's on his homework and reading test.  He played outside for about 5 hours!  The neighborhood kids came over for at least an hour.  I think they come in because I always give them chocolate :) There are two girls who love to play with Sadie and that is sooo nice.  She loves them.  The temps were down last night so Sadie and I spent some time on the front lawn watching everyone ride their scooters.  I met another mom last night who is so nice.  I think I'm up to 7 moms on the block.  I am seriously struggling to remember parent/children names!

Last night I grilled steak and made garlic/parmesan mashed potatoes.  Ben had to finish his meal before going back out to play.  It was hilarious watching those children stand over him, coaching him to scarf it down.  Sometimes he even asks to eat on the porch so he doesn't miss anything.

Today is a full day.  Sadie's therapy team (all 6 of them) meet at the house this morning for a meeting regarding her goals.  Then, I finally get an hour of ME TIME.  Auntie Ann is coming over to watch Sadie. Yay!  Tonight, we have Sadie's orientation at school.  I have loads of paperwork to fill out.

Tomorrow, Greg flies in!  Ann will be picking him up at the airport.  I have a HUGE list for him, but I realize we will only get around to a few things.  Saturday, we are going to Popcorn Days in  North Loup.  It will be nice to hang out with the family.  Sunday, Grandma Deb is coming to drive Greg back to the airport and stay for an extra day to help me out around the house.

I can't believe it's almost September!  Sadie's 3rd birthday is right around the corner.  I have some serious planning to do!

That's all for now.  I need to get started on everything while the kids are still slumbering.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good News!

Ben's cast was removed yesterday! He now has a velcro splint on, which is such a relief.  He is able to take it off as needed :)  I was tired of giving him baths!  His arm muscles have definitely atrophied, but they will build up in no time.

Ben FINALLY learned to ride a bike.  Grandma Deb bought him a new bike.  We just haven't had the time to teach him, but clearly he did not need any coaching.  It took him 5 seconds to fly away. I cried. Unfortunately, there will not be any bike riding until his wrist is completely healed.  He is only allowed to ride his scooter.

Speaking of his scooter, he is on it ALL THE TIME.  Every child in this neighborhood has a scooter and they spend hours riding them.  Last night, we had an impromptu play date with 5 kids playing Pictureka.  I love this street.  I'm constantly buying snacks and drinks to feed them all. I don't mind at all :)

Greg flies in this weekend! I can't wait! We all miss him so bad.  He texted me this morning saying all that he was missing was me in his arms. So sweet!  There have been some stressful days and some phone arguments, but everything will come together when he finally says goodbye to Texas.

Sadie is having a little bit of separation anxiety (as in "do not leave this room or I will scream"), but that is to be expected with this transition.  She is also having a little GI problem, but Greg mailed our "miracle ointment" to Nebraska and it has made a huge difference on her bottom. Wondering if it is stress or a virus.  She doesn't want to eat, but is drinking well.

Sadie has her team appointment on Thursday. The PT, OT, SLP, coordinator, and teacher will be meeting at our house to discuss the plan of action.  Sadie starts school soon!

We attended church on Sunday.  It was sooo small!  Unfortunately, Ben and Sadie were the only children there.  We will explore a few others, but it was still comforting to read from the BCP and take communion.

We also went to the Columbus Days parade.  It was VERY HOT.  I know that is hard to believe, but it really was.  We left after an hour (Sadie was beet red), but Ben was able to catch some candy and we enjoyed some kettle corn and cold drinks.

No pictures/video for now.  My phone is not cooperating :(

In other news, my sister started her surgical tech program yesterday. I am SO PROUD OF HER!  I know she will love it and surpass all expectations given!

That's all for now :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


Sadie had her evaluations for therapy on Wednesday.  There were 5 therapists in her room!

She was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.  I have already registered her at one school, but am visiting another today based on Auntie Ann's recommendation.  Ann and Katie (her daughter) came to visit yesterday for a few hours and it was so nice!  I need some adult interaction! Once the house is finished, I will branch out and find some play groups, a bible study, etc.

Ben is doing well in school, but forgot his homework yesterday. Luckily, the school was still open and we were able to make it back to his classroom.  The teacher told me he was having some "listening issues".  This is so typical of Ben during the first few weeks of school.  He just wants to talk and interact with everyone.  He has received some stickers for other attributes though, so I am trying to go easy on him for now.  Ben also said he wasn't "very attractive" at this school, meaning he's only met a few friends thus far.  I reminded him that it takes time.  He has met at least 10 friends in the neighborhood, so I don't know why he is worried :)

Last night there was a HUGE storm.  The tornado sirens went off and down we went to the basement.  The kids are a bit tired this morning because we were down there til' 9 or so, but we will try for an earlier bedtime tonight.  Luckily, there was no significant damage and no tornado.

I still have so much to hang and many boxes to unpack, but I am motivated!  Starbucks might be on my list today.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Greetings From Nebraska!


-I woke to 70 degree weather and realized I needed to pack up the tank tops!

-We have internet and cable!

-I unpacked more boxes and hung more pictures.

-I walked Ben to school (yes, I said walked!).  I am going to continue this for a few days, then let him do it alone (gulp).

-I cried after I walked Ben to school.  Oh, and I cried at the school as well.  The principal and PTO president came up to me to ask if I was ok.  Not the best first impression. This is pretty typical of me, but I feel bad that I have made him change schools for the umpteenth time.

-I watched Ben play outside with 10 children from the neighborhood (more tears).  I am so grateful that we live in a neighborhood with so many children and nice parents.

-I looked at Ben's scabbed face and skinned knees and reminded myself that I am so grateful that we live in a neighborhood with so many children.

-I searched for a yummy Mexican breakfast and was unable to find one :(  I will miss you Mi Casita.

-I looked at Sadie's sweet face and can't believe she will start school in a few weeks.  I will probably collapse in the parking lot after dropping her off. Seriously.  The therapists will come to the school to work with her and she will have a paraprofessional with her at all times.  I am so excited for her!

-I miss my husband.  I call him approximately 15 times per day.

-I am so grateful for my family (Mom, Debbie, Ann, Ron, Melissa x 2) for being so supportive with this transition.

-I looked at the calendar and realized Sadie has all therapies (PT, OT, SLP) coming to evaluate her tomorrow.  My new furniture comes tomorrow as well. Yay!

I think that's all for now! It's good to be back :)