Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am sooo far behind on my blog.  I have been busy, busy, busy.  The house is coming together nicely.  The dogs are back home permanently. Greg and Grandma Deb came in this past weekend and accomplished quite a lot. We continue to have 5 kids at our house/yard every evening (2 boys/3 girls).  This really motivates Ben to finish his homework and dinner in a timely manner :)  I think the girls come over just to play with me! We play board games in the front yard every night.  They are so sweet and loving towards Sadie!  Sadie and I will go to her school today to meet her new paraprofessional and outline her educational goals.  Exciting!  I drove Ben to Lincoln yesterday for his second orthodontist appointment.  He had x-rays and moldings done.  I have no idea when the braces or appliance will be put on.  We have to wait for the consultation appointment.  I was just happy I didn't get lost! How did we ever survive without our GPS?  This weekend I travel to West Point to visit family and the following weekend we celebrate Sadie's 3rd birthday!

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Anonymous said...

That baby is just beautiful. I am so glad ben is loving the new place. I hope you are too. I want to hear all about Sadie's new school adventure. I know she is going to be great.

School is a blast. Loving it so far. It was actually a little bit cool today.

Hope to talk to you soon