Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planes, Recycling, and Stuff

Last night, we headed out to the Le Tourneau Flight School for Ben's Boy Scout meeting.  Did I get lost? Of course. Did I give up? No!  Ben had a great time, and I had a chance to catch up with a mom I haven't seen in a while.  We spoke about our children, our husbands, our beliefs, and how we would LOVE our children to attend a school like Le Tourneau, whose classes begin with a devotional.  Of course, Ben could tell me he wanted to sell wallpaper on the street today, and I would support him. I mean that.  I would need medication, but I mean that.
Here are some pics from last night.

 After months (years, really) of Ben begging me to recycle (not to mention my nephew telling me I "wasn't cool" because I didn't have a recycling bin), we have FINALLY started to recycle.  I have to say, after seeing how much plastic/paper I throw away, I am SOOOO ashamed.  But today is a new day! I will preserve this planet.  Ben is in charge of the recycling bin.

Sadie had hippotherapy at Windridge today and did great!  I have the utmost respect for her physical therapist (PT).  She truly loves Sadie, and Sadie loves her.  She has stuck by us through good times and bad and promises she won't leave until Sadie walks.  This is a pic of Ms. Sue and Sadie before therapy today.

Sadie rides a horse name Teddy (Teddy Bear). Teddy is a miniature horse perfect for Sadie's size.  The therapist would not be able to do her job without the people at Windridge who "handle" Teddy.  These are Teddy's handlers, Kim (front) and Debbie (back).  They are wonderful with Sadie!

The weather was beautiful today, and we spent a lot of time outside.  The azalea bushes are starting to bloom!

On the menu
Beef Stroganoff with garlic cheese bread

On my table
Yellow roses from Greg!

Ben's Easter party (complete with live bunnies and chicks!), a much-needed hair appointment, and never-ending laundry/cleaning!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movin' On Up

Ben received a new book at keyboard practice yesterday!  I am very proud of him!
As you can see, Sadie enjoys practice just as much.

She is already darker after one trip to a pool!  I'm a little jealous...
And she finally slept through the night last night after 4 days of midnight partying.
It's amazing how much more energy I have with undisturbed sleep.
I bought the loot for the kids' Easter baskets yesterday.  So glad to mark that off my forever ending To DO list.

Sadie had a great therapy session this morning, and I'm hoping that will continue tomorrow at Windridge.  We are going to fit in a few more PT sessions this month and see how insurance handles it.  Our OT left the company, so we are hoping insurance will pay for extra PT visits instead. Not likely, but worth a try!  Insurance is so unpredictable. You never know...

I had a good workout this am: 30 cardio/30 weights
But I know I need to up my game. Thinking about running, but must get new music downloaded first! I watched Price is Right while working out today. Not exactly motivating, but I have to tell you I would WIN on Price is Right. I have watched since I was a little girl, know every game, and always get really close on the showcase showdown. I even know the best position for the Plinko chip, but I'll never tell.
Put Sadie down for a nap, then the yard peeps for the entire neighborhood begin working. It never fails!  She didn't wake though. I'm telling you, she's used to it by now.  I have two fans on LOUDLY in the nap room for interference.

This afternoon, I will register Ben for 2nd grade. GULP. Tonight, we have Boy Scouts--an aviation session at a location (the old airport) I have no clue how to get to. Pray that I get there in time and do not turn the car around in frustration.

Yesterday, I made the most delish salad after my workout:
chopped romaine, sauteed shrimp, grated/pickled ginger, hot sweet/sour orange sauce, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds
I am on a serious asian food kick these days...
I used the leftover shrimp to make the boys shrimp quesadillas with homemade tortillas (a big thank you to my sister for bringing these to my house). Greg paired his with some black beans; Ben paired his with grapes and banana slices.
Today, I made another salad with romaine, light italian dressing that is YUM (thank you Central Market), turkey pepperoni, and bell pepper. Good, but misssing something...CHEESE. It won't be long my dear, sweet friend...
Tonight: Pizza (whole wheat crust), fresh mozzarella (I actually bought the good kind, instead of the grated bags), and turkey pepperoni
I will be eating everyone's crust. I can't tell you how much I miss cheese. Sunday morning, I am going to eat a whole block of it! I'm not kidding.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We had a good time swimming yesterday. The weather and water were warm.  Sadie screamed when we first got in, but she adjusted rather quickly.  Ben swam for a good 3 hours. He is my little fish! Laura's husband came home towards the end and took the boys muddin' in his Polaris. Ben was grinning from ear to ear. He passed out shortly after we loaded up!
Palm Sunday! We attended Sunday School/church (with the annual walk around the block, waving our palms, and following a donkey!) this morning. The kids just LOVE the donkey! The sermon was a good one (complete with kudos to U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday").  Sadie was a grump by the end of the service (Greg was in a bit of a mood as well), so she was taken home by Dad, and Ben and I had a lunch date.  He chose Carino's. We haven't been there in years, but it was really good. I had a side salad and some calamari and Ben had penne with butter/cheese/meatballs, an entire loaf of bread, and a chocolate sundae! He also tried some (a lot) of my calamari, which he really enjoyed.  Unfortunately, the conversation turned to "How many tentacles/eyes do squid have?", "How do they actually kill the squid?", etc. I wish that would have halted my intake, but it didn't...I know better than to eat fried food. I'm still hurting 8 hours later...

I took a short nap when we arrived home, then started on some continuing education. Two hours and 178 pages later, I printed out my certificate good for 16 hours.  So glad I finished it today!  Greg did some therapy with Sadie.

I'm hoping to work out at the gym, get Ben registered for a Lego summer camp, organize/clean, and get Ben to piano after his massive amount of Monday homework!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Worn Out!

I woke at 5:30 yesterday morn to begin preparing for the day! I had bags to pack, clothes to lay out, and a truck to fill.  As a co-chair for the Spring Carnival at Ben's school, I was expected to arrive early and stay late!  And that I did. The carnival was a success! I have a new respect for the parents who take on these events.  I truly had no idea what they entail!  I haven't been this sore in a long time...I should definitely do more squats/weights at the gym.  My husband was Superman yesterday. He took care of Sadie all day, arrived early to take Ben (carting Sadie along in the carrier) to Family Kite Day at school, took the kids to the Spring Carnival/dinner, and then had enough energy to take both kids to Ben's karate session last night at 7 pm! I have no pics of Spring Carnival to share because I honestly did not stop moving for 12 hours, but here are some Greg took with his phone at Family Kite Day.
Sadie is more interested in the texture of the grass.  She did have some cute hot pink sandals and a flower bow laid out in the morning.  Men have no interest in accessorizing! I was a little sad...

Greg woke with the kids this morning and let me sleep in til 9, even though his was scheduled to be at the office at 10! So sweet! He even made eggs, toast, and grits for the kids. And then we got into an argument about something really petty. Can't leave out the not so perfect stuff!  This is a pic of Sadie's am therapy.  She puts her hands/belly on the ball for stability, but we are trying to get her to put her hands on the parallel bars.  She is getting there.

On Thursday, I made some delicious Chinese food.  I would like to thank the demo cooks at Central Market for giving me this recipe: vermicelli (in the Asian foods section; soaked, then sauteed), lean ground hamburger, green onion, water chesnuts, tons of ginger, and a Kung Pao finishing sauce.  I have eaten it for three meals straight. I do wish I would have picked up some wasabi, but now I will know for next time.

Today, we are headed to a friend's house to swim.  I met Laura at a birthday party, and we have a lot in common. She has an older child with autism (Savannah), and a boy Ben's age (Joel).  She and her husband are hilarious (with that sarcastic edge that I can really appreciate).  It is so easy to talk with parents who have special needs children.  I feel like I can say anything (even if its negative).  They have an outdoor pool, but it is heated. I know the kids will have a good time.  I'm not super excited about getting into a swimsuit, but I definitely care a lot less these days. Getting old for sure!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Have No Title

So much I should be doing right now, but I've chosen to blog!  I can be selfish sometimes, right?  Had a great workout this morning, and now I'm just feeling lazy enough to hang out on the couch for a moment.

Thought I'd share a few pics of how we start our day around here.  Sadie starts with an eye patch for an hour while she watches a movie, then jumps in her jumper. She doesn't love it, but tolerates it if she is doing activities she enjoys. The patching has really improved her left eye, which was a little "lazy" and turned inward at times (strabismus).  I haven't seen the strabismus in forever (Yay!), but her eye is still a bit droopy (especially when she is tired).

Gotta love that bedhead!

Next up: breakfast. I should have practiced feeding, but we had a 9 am gym appointment, and she usually needs a bath afterwards.  Yesterday morning resulted in eggs and grits EVERYWHERE! She actually threw her bowl. Did I mention I have a VERY strong-willed child?  She has learned to remove her bib, too. Lovely.  She did try to catch it as it fell, though...

Now to rewind.... last night we (minus Greg, who was working) went to the final Lenten dinner at church.  The food was great! Sadie and I shared soup, 4 salads, corn casserole, and dessert, while Ben played under the table (I love that boy!).  I absolutely LOVE the child/youth director at our church! Reagan is always so creative and wonderful with the kids.  Last night, the children filled plastic eggs with candy and bible verses and took a trek outside to put them on stranger's cars.  They prayed over each one, "Lord, bless this Easter egg and those who receive it. Let them know you." They also took a bag home to distribute around town.  Ben chose a house on the way home and put it on the porch.  There are no sweeter words to my ears than hearing my son pray!  He also told me that he loved me at least 4 times yesterday.  Maybe he's buttering me up for something, but I'll take it!

I'm off to get stuff ready for the TST Spring Carnival tomorrow.  We will be at Ben's school setting up from 8 am til 3:30. I hope it goes well!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Quick Trip to Dallas

We headed to Dallas on Monday for Sadie's follow-up neurology appointment. I had booked a night at the Embassy Suites in Frisco, but didn't get a very good deal (I procrastinated). To our surprise, we were quoted a new rate at check-in: $75 off if we would bring in a few canned good for their can drive. NO PROBLEM! Well, not for me anyway. Greg was a little annoyed to be heading out to the grocery store at 10:30 that evening...

We headed down to the restaurant for dinner. It was soooo good. Pricey, but good. I had tilapia with jalepeno relish, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies. Greg had a beautiful salmon spinach salad. I traded my potatoes for some of his salad. I really have to trade well to get some of his food! Ben and Sadie shared mac n cheese and sweet potato fries. I could talk about food all day! Next up: pool time! Sadie was not impressed! It was very late, so we headed up for bath/bed, while the boys swam.

The neurology follow-up went well. No new recommendations, other than a detailed MRI at the age of 3. It will be another month before the chromosome mapping test results are back. Otherwise, it continues to be a watch/wait situation. We do not have to follow-up again for a year! That was some good news!

We made a trip to Central Market after the MD appt. to purchase lots of items that we do not need. I LOVE Central Market!! Ben and Sadie were very impressed with the vast array of samples. Greg and I had our fair share, too. We were all stuffed as we headed out the door...$100/10 items later. I would be broke if we had one nearby! For now, it will be a "special treat".
I have no idea why the pictures do not embed where I need them to. Melissa, help me!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I woke up to this! Ben was in costume (not unusual) and it was snowing (very unusual). We didn't make it to church this morning, but made it to choir practice this evening. This makes no sense. It was about the same temp both morning and evening. Why do I feel I can't take the "baby" (she is not a baby) out in the morning with frigid temps? Pure laziness, I tell you. Ben LOVES choir! They played a musical theory game and rhythm bingo. Tomorrow am we have an OT appt., then we are headed to Dallas for Sadie's 18 month neuro follow-up. Please pray for good news!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Listen?

Ben was scheduled for his orange belt test last night at karate. All parents were quickly shuffled to the cafeteria where you must wait for approximately an hour for everyone to finish. I'm not one to just start up a conversation with a crowd of moms, so I pulled out my trusty cell phone and started checking email, facebook, etc. My cell phone never fails me in awkward situations! I overheard a group of moms talking at the end of the table....and started to hear some pretty familiar terms: "developmental pediatrician", "hippotherapy", "PT", "orthotics", etc. I've been in situations like this before, but just didn't feel like sharing my daughter's story. Why? I don't know. But this night was different. God was telling me to GET UP, LISTEN, and SHARE. GULP. I don't think I've ever heard His voice so clearly. "Not tonight", "maybe next time", "I'm too tired"; the excuses were endless. But before I realized it, I stood up and dragged my chair down to the other end of the table. From that point on, the conversation was effortless. I learned about two other children with special needs. Children that "look" perfectly healthy. Children who have been through countless diagnostic tests. Children who have defied the odds they were given. Children who have amazing parents who care for them so much! Thank you Lord for making me step out of my comfort zone. What a gift I received last night! And at the end of that hour, Ben stepped through that door with an orange belt and pride on his face! I couldn't have felt more full.