Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Listen?

Ben was scheduled for his orange belt test last night at karate. All parents were quickly shuffled to the cafeteria where you must wait for approximately an hour for everyone to finish. I'm not one to just start up a conversation with a crowd of moms, so I pulled out my trusty cell phone and started checking email, facebook, etc. My cell phone never fails me in awkward situations! I overheard a group of moms talking at the end of the table....and started to hear some pretty familiar terms: "developmental pediatrician", "hippotherapy", "PT", "orthotics", etc. I've been in situations like this before, but just didn't feel like sharing my daughter's story. Why? I don't know. But this night was different. God was telling me to GET UP, LISTEN, and SHARE. GULP. I don't think I've ever heard His voice so clearly. "Not tonight", "maybe next time", "I'm too tired"; the excuses were endless. But before I realized it, I stood up and dragged my chair down to the other end of the table. From that point on, the conversation was effortless. I learned about two other children with special needs. Children that "look" perfectly healthy. Children who have been through countless diagnostic tests. Children who have defied the odds they were given. Children who have amazing parents who care for them so much! Thank you Lord for making me step out of my comfort zone. What a gift I received last night! And at the end of that hour, Ben stepped through that door with an orange belt and pride on his face! I couldn't have felt more full.

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