Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movin' On Up

Ben received a new book at keyboard practice yesterday!  I am very proud of him!
As you can see, Sadie enjoys practice just as much.

She is already darker after one trip to a pool!  I'm a little jealous...
And she finally slept through the night last night after 4 days of midnight partying.
It's amazing how much more energy I have with undisturbed sleep.
I bought the loot for the kids' Easter baskets yesterday.  So glad to mark that off my forever ending To DO list.

Sadie had a great therapy session this morning, and I'm hoping that will continue tomorrow at Windridge.  We are going to fit in a few more PT sessions this month and see how insurance handles it.  Our OT left the company, so we are hoping insurance will pay for extra PT visits instead. Not likely, but worth a try!  Insurance is so unpredictable. You never know...

I had a good workout this am: 30 cardio/30 weights
But I know I need to up my game. Thinking about running, but must get new music downloaded first! I watched Price is Right while working out today. Not exactly motivating, but I have to tell you I would WIN on Price is Right. I have watched since I was a little girl, know every game, and always get really close on the showcase showdown. I even know the best position for the Plinko chip, but I'll never tell.
Put Sadie down for a nap, then the yard peeps for the entire neighborhood begin working. It never fails!  She didn't wake though. I'm telling you, she's used to it by now.  I have two fans on LOUDLY in the nap room for interference.

This afternoon, I will register Ben for 2nd grade. GULP. Tonight, we have Boy Scouts--an aviation session at a location (the old airport) I have no clue how to get to. Pray that I get there in time and do not turn the car around in frustration.

Yesterday, I made the most delish salad after my workout:
chopped romaine, sauteed shrimp, grated/pickled ginger, hot sweet/sour orange sauce, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds
I am on a serious asian food kick these days...
I used the leftover shrimp to make the boys shrimp quesadillas with homemade tortillas (a big thank you to my sister for bringing these to my house). Greg paired his with some black beans; Ben paired his with grapes and banana slices.
Today, I made another salad with romaine, light italian dressing that is YUM (thank you Central Market), turkey pepperoni, and bell pepper. Good, but misssing something...CHEESE. It won't be long my dear, sweet friend...
Tonight: Pizza (whole wheat crust), fresh mozzarella (I actually bought the good kind, instead of the grated bags), and turkey pepperoni
I will be eating everyone's crust. I can't tell you how much I miss cheese. Sunday morning, I am going to eat a whole block of it! I'm not kidding.


Tricha said...

I think if you eat a whole block of cheese, you are going to have some other kind of block..tehehehe. The food sounds awesome.

Supplier of tortillas said...

That picture of Sadie in front of the piano reminds me of the one of you when you were two or so that Christmas you got the piano. So sweet!!

PS. You get more in one day than I do in ONE WEEK.