Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Weeks of attempted eye patching have been unsuccessful.  She rips it off immediately, and I have a feeling it is a fun game for her.  So now we move to Plan B, which is a drop of atropine in her strong (right) eye weekly.  This dilates her right eye (which we all know blurs your vision), and forces the muscles in her left eye to become stronger.  A few months ago, we noticed her strabismus was returning.  In her case, her left eye turns inward when she is tired or excited (clapping her hands to music, etc.)  It's almost as if her brain cannot handle more than a few functions at once during these times of fatigue and fun.   So this morning, much to Greg's dismay, we administered her first drop.  I couldn't believe how quickly her pupil dilated!  Poor sugar.  However, she tolerated therapy just fine.  I was so afraid she would get dizzy and fall from her parallel bars or refuse to be on all fours, but those fears were laid to rest.  Her next eye appt is mid-September.  I am hoping we can discuss surgery or other alternatives.  I just do not want her to have any permanent eye damage from lack of treatment.  She has enough on her plate as it is.  She is not to be out in the sun with a dilated eye, which is perfectly fine with me because the heat here is just brutal!  Greg is out at Windridge today finishing the playhouse (trim and paint).  I tried to call him to tell him to come home, but no answer.  It is at least 102 as I write, and although his body has a strong tolerance to heat, I would hate for him to get sick or pass out.   Of course, there are plenty of folks around, so I shouldn't be too  worried.  Speaking of Greg, he will soon begin volunteering at a clinic here once monthly.  He faced some obstacles trying to get permision to practice there, but pursued it until all was clear.  God will be working through him (as He does every day), and I am very excited to hear about this "side job" of his.  Of course, we are all here to be temples for Him; to let Him work through us, but sometimes it is difficult to sit still and listen to that direction.   He has inspired me to listen a little more closely (isn't that what husbands are for? :) ) Well, enough rambling for now...

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