Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outside Time

We  have been spending so much time outside!  Last night Greg put up Sadie's swing  (why wait for her birthday when she can be enjoying it now?).  Ben took another round on the slip 'n slide.  Louis just hung out.



Me?  Well, I was in the kitchen preparing my first seafood boil.  We devoured it outside on the patio w/ some veggie focaccia.  I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself.  It needs a little tweeking of course, but most all was gone by the end of dinner.  That's a pretty good sign to me :)



This morning, Greg and I took turns on the trail near our house.  I love having quiet time to myself :)  On my way back, I ran into Greg, Ben (on his bike), Sadie (on her Amtryke), and Louis (being pulled on his leash by Ben).  It was such a hilarious picture.  Greg is very ambitious. 
Louis and Sadie are napping now.  Greg is at the hardware store (when is he not?), and Ben is playing Wii (he's not allowed to play it on school nights).
I'm thinking of napping myself...


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Tricha said...

That dinner looks sooo good. Call a sista if you are going to cook like that :) It was nice meeting Louis, he is a cutie. See you in the morning.