Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to Reality

Today is our last day of summer :(  We said goodbye to Princess Abi today (a golden retriever we have been watching for our friends, the Sapps).  I either need another child or a dog.  Just haven't made up my mind yet.  Once again, our house seems a little too empty.

Can you imagine how empty it will feel when Ben starts school tomorrow? (sniff,sniff)
I didn't do so well at Ben's back to school night.  The school is huge, I purchased all of the wrong school supplies, there was no assembly where they explained everything, I ran out of checks and couldn't buy the "spirit" t-shirt, etc...  At least I waited til we were in the car before crying.  In case you were wondering, Ben loves his new school, found some old friends he knew, and loves his teacher.  Momma just needs to toughen up. I really should be medicated.  I think Greg is starting to agree.  Then, we went to eat Mexican food, and I was just fine.

On the menu tonight: sweet and sour chicken (yes, I was feeling ambitious and made it myself) and fortune cookies (store bought; not quite that ambitious)

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hotmessmomma said...

There is hardly anything in this world that mexican food cannot cure! ;) Hope you are doing okay today!