Friday, October 7, 2011


The wind is blowing 30 MPH right now. There are toys and lawn equipment in my yard that do not belong to me.  I can't find the grill cover either. It might be on the next street..

Ben is doing well with his braces.  He had a bracket replaced and a power chain put on on Wednesday.

He is riding his bike to school and has almost been hit by a car twice. He actually crashed into an electric pole to avoid being hit.  He is now wearing a helmet and I MAKE him stop at the corner to look both ways.  I have been walking him to the corner again to make sure he is diligent. Sigh...

Sadie loves school and is doing well.  I love to pick her up and see her excitement to come home with her mama.

We are all dealing with some allergies due to soybean dust and wind.  We are all on Allegra and Greg is taking Vitamin C and cough drops.  He is enjoying his new job, but the patient load is much less. He does have a flat screen TV and computer in his office, so at least he can watch the news.

Greg finally arrived "home" a few days ago and has been very busy putting in the shock collar system for our dogs.  I thought I would actually enjoy seeing Charlie shocked after a rough couple of weeks, but when it actually happened, I felt bad.  I don't think he will be venturing out of the yard again.

I'm off to to some dish duty and laundry. Happy Friday!

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