Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MOPS, Randomness, and Psalm 74

Yesterday, I went to my first MOPS meeting.  I met a lot of women and held some sweet babies :)  We watched a movie, mingled, had discussion group, and made name tags.  Let me just say, I am not at all crafty.  My name tag compared to the other women in the group was just sad. Not to mention mine was more of a choker than a name tag. I think those moms can teach me a thing or two.

In other news, the family went to parent-teacher conferences yesterday and I was SO HAPPY to hear that he was doing so great in school.  He was rewarded with two new books at the book fair.  Of course they set up the book fair during that time and make you walk through it to get to the gym so your children will drool over everthing.  Those people are sneaky.

I played basketball and tag with some of the neighborhood children last night. NOTE TO SELF: you cannot run in dressy shoes. Mix that with my total lack of coordination = injuries.  I fell (I don't think anyone saw) and now have a skinned/bruised knee, a sprained wrist, and an abrasion on my foot.  It was half concrete/half grass, so it could have been worse. I don't think I have been injury-free since I have moved to Nebraska. I am so old.

Last night, Ben and I were able to have a little Bible time. I always let him open up the Bible and read whatever page he stumbles upon.  Last night it was Psalm 74.  I always ask him how this relates to our life and then give my own comment.  Do you know what he said? "Mom, we have been OVER and OVER this already so many times!" And then it was lights out.

This morning he is up early watching Billy the Exterminator and asking me for a back rub and a blanket. Such a character.

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