Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What do you get...

when you lunch with 4 women and 6 children (5 under the age of 4)


We had three crying at once! They all seem to catch on to each other's woes.

Most of the tables were staring at us and laughing, so I just waved to them and continued to eat as much as possible before my youngest had a complete meltdown.

But it is worth it to spend time with my favorite women and their children.

Baby Micah wins the award for most well-behaved.
Noah wants more food and a nap.

Ben wants to continually argue with Elisa. He, too,  was awarded with a nap after we made it home.  He is also sweeping the back patio for rolling his eyes at me.  So afraid of him becoming a teenager...

Ava wants her lovey (which is at home).

Sadie wants a nap.

I'm thinking next time I will do lunch at my house so we can have some stress-free fellowship :)

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Shelley said...

...But that what we do to get MOMMY-time! I remember!