Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge 2010

After a quiet family Christmas, we headed to GWL for some family fun.  Greg has been working a TON lately and wanted to have a little family vacay.  Thank goodness Sadie loved it this time.  It has taken 2 years of GWL visits, but this time was THE TIME.  She loved the wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie pool.  She also enjoyed her first pedicure, making some new Crocs at the Croc station, and a strawberry sundae made just for her!  Ben was gifted with a new MagiQuest wand and holster.

Where's my breakfast?

I thought I would "cut the umbilical cord" a bit and let Ben make his own plate at the kid station.  He put half of a stick of butter on his pancakes and chose some maraschino cherries as a side :)

No, he did not eat this gross pancake. Just the cherries.

It was nice to have some snow falling, even if it wasn't real :)

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Christina said...

Hey Sarah! I love reading your blog. I feel like I have been catching up with an old friend even though reading your blog is a one sided conversation:) You have a beautiful family.

Did you get my email? I have some contract work for you if you are interested. I'm in the book, give me a call.