Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Fun

Friday morning was Ben's Christmas party at school.  I arrived early to set up the food table and craft table.  You would think I would get some good pictures of these events, but when you are in charge and everyone is screaming "Miss Jacobs!" at you constantly, it just doesn't happen.  I am happy to say everything went smoothly.  We made sand ornaments and then painted them.  Some children chose to make magnets or regular painted ornaments or both.  I am so glad I purchased multiple crafts because those kids are creative!  A few things I am learning about their food choices: they only want grapes (no melon, no pineapple, no fruit dip); baby carrots are the only vegetable they will eat (one child did choose some cherry tomatoes and celery and I hugged her neck and told her I loved her); no ranch dip was taken; donut holes and cookies are the big hits; cheese and crackers? not so much.  So now I know.  Ben took a little of everything. That's my boy!

In the middle of the party, the intercom came on and I heard "Will Sarah Mcclain Jacobs please come to the office?".  I don't know why that would send chills down a 34 year old woman's body, but it did.  I have always had a great fear of the principal's office.  The only time I was ever called in was to be told I was salutatorian.  Luckily, someone had found my drivers license that had dropped out of my coat.

Friday night was date night!  We went downtown to Osaka for some salad, sushi, and wine :) Greg had hot tea instead. 

Clearly, I need to either borrow one of Sadie's bows or cut my bangs.
But I did step out of my comfort zone and was sporting some "jeggings" (some new jean/legging combo that I swore I would never purchase) and knee high boots.  Greg took a picture, but it is so dark in there, you couldn't see me at all.

My sweet friends Tricha and David watched our children and we will be returning the favor tonight.  Can I get an amen for babysitting trade-offs!?

And last, but not least, I promised a picture of our neighbors "interesting" Christmas decor.  May I present to you Mrs. Claus and Scrooge...

More holiday posts to come!

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