Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving by Greg

I just asked Sarah "how do you get on this blog thing", she asked why and is now very scared about what I am writing, so as this is new to me please bear with me.  And remember that gramer and speelling are not one my strong suits. hahaha
This morning I was out jogging in the new trail near our house.  It was a beautiful overcast day and with no distractions it gave me some time to think about this holiday and what it means to me

Some wonderful Thanksgiving memories -
1.  Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Bremers riding Mom's and Ann's old "girl bike. Every time we would go out to the garage with Grandpa, and he would get them off the wall and we could ride them around the block.  If we were particularly good he would walk us across the street and we could ride on the other block.
2.  Grandmas ribs
3.  After Thanksgiving dinner going downstairs and taking a nap on the big orange soft fuzzy couch (I think it was orange but I'm color blind so who knows)
4.  Playing "touch" football with Aaron in the front yard
5.  getting chased around the house by Megan, John and Katie
6.  Pretend typing on that old typewriter in Grandma and Grandpas basement
7.  Playing polish poker
8.  sitting on the front porch or in the kitchen in the evening with everyone talking about what the neighbors are up to  and the list could go on and on

Some things I am thankful for
My Wife - thank you for being so strong willed that even when I push you away you won't let me, for being so quick to forgive me even when I don't deserve it.
My Son - you make me proud with everything you do, you bring such joy to your sister with just a word
My daughter - you have made me a more patient, loving, better man, and you constantly make me happy
My country- that I was born in a place that affords me the freedoms to be able to do as I please
and to the soldiers and there families that sacrifice so much to keep us free.
My Lord - who is all knowing, all giving, all gracious and never forsakes me even when I am angry or undeserving of his blessing.... he continues to bless me and my family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and i pray that the lord continues to bless all of you.
Thank you for letting me post my thoughts on this day
ps Sarah will be resuming her blogging duties from here on out


Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing, Greg! Sarah is a special keeper... You are a lucky guy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

Tricha said...

Beautifully done. What wonderful sentiments to share on this special day. Your family is such a joy to all who know you. Blessings to all of you. And hugs to you, Sarah, Ben and Sadie from me.

God's Peace

Melissa said...

Love you Greg!

ron said...

Dear Greg and Sarah-WOW-what wonderful sentiments. I hope you tell each other how you feel everyday! Greg, your comments about Mom & Dad made me cry. I really never appreciated how really special they were until they were gone and I became a parent. You don't know how many times I "talk" to Mom about my kids..... Greg, you always had a special place in Mom's heart (Dad's too, but you could look at Mom and she would melt) Mom lit up when you came over. They loved all of you so very much. Enough of the sentiment--Megan's wedding was a BLAST! I never danced so much. Neither Meg or I cried-a first for me...and she looked so very beautiful. She and Neal can't come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas so Ron and I will probably go see them in Jan. John and Kate were home for Thanksgiving so did lots of cooking and eating! John went back tonight-he is studying very hard and is struggling to get through all the information they are giving him. I worry about him-wish he had someone to share his life with, that sort of thing, but he is only 24..guess there is plenty of time for that. Kate is fine-she went with Ron to the hospital to do a colon resection. She is thinking medicine. For some reason, I don't worry about her as much as John. Mom always said you never stop worrying about your kids and I know what she means now. My "comments" have become a blog in itself so will sign off sending love and hugs for everyone in the Jacobs household. Take Care-Ann