Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Over It

Sadie and I are desperately trying to get get over this horrible virus that has attacked our bodies.  We are so lethargic, with continuous cough, hoarseness, and runny noses.  I have never drank so much Sprite in my life.  I wake up every morn with one of those coughing fits that you can't get over and you end up gagging, and, well, you know...  Now the cough drops have become a constant.  Not doing that again.  So far, the boys are staying healthy :) 

No Fall Fest pics.  I seriously painted at least 100 faces that night, and I was one of 4 painters at any given time.  It was total chaos, but so fun to talk to each child personally.  Some were talkers; others were incredibly shy.  So cute! So many of the boys asked for Mario mustaches and goatees.  It was hilarious!

Here are few pics from the last few days.  Sadie's hair is getting curlier and crazier by the minute and I love it!

Last night, Ben and I went to the church Yuck Olympics.  It was truly yuck.  The circles on the Twister mat were made with catsup, mustard, blue-dyed sour cream, and who knows what else.  Ben went bobbing for vegetables in pools full of liquid jello, then fell into the pool.  He was soaked from head to toe.  We vetoed the hot dog dinner and opted to go home for a hot bath instead.  He had the best time!

Will you please pray that Sadie starts feeling better and participates in therapy this week?  She has been screaming like mad when we try any treatment with her, and it's breaking our hearts :(


Melissa said...

Poor things! I will pray for Sadie and therapy..
I have some sort of virus too.. I am wiped out just by walking up the stairs.. no fever today, but did all day yesterday. I went to bed at 7:30!

Melissa said...

and her hair is killing me!! It is so precious all curly

Mom said...

Just prayed for all of you.....and that hair is crazy!!!