Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The Bad: After recovering from my little food poison episode, Sadie came down with croup and required a steroid shot yesterday.  She was up most of the night "high" from the steroids and developed a rash on her face.  I woke up congested this morning, but am feeling better after some Claritin.

The Good: Ben was up and ready for school in no time without asking him a 100 times to get dressed and ready :)   We bought him the newest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records yesterday, and he was so happy! His first Lego magazine came in the mail today.  He will squeal with delight!

The Good:  The holidays are coming, and I am very excited!

The Bad:  The Halloween decor is still up, but I'm assigning that job to Ben today, so we can get it all packed away.  Greg wants me to cook a whole turkey for Thanksgiving.  I don't really do whole birds. Bones, and organs, and skin, oh my.  I know I am a bad wife, but in school, it was "boneless, skinless" everything, so it's not really my fault. 

The Good:  The dogs are doing great and not following me around the house all day.  I think they finally realize I will not leave them forever when I run errands.  They play together all day long like brothers.  So cute!

The Bad:  Greg is still on the fence about Charlie, but he is warming up to him.  Charlie is not horrible, but Louis is soo perfectly behaved, it makes him look inferior :(  I'm sure Greg will come around.

The Good:  Ben's Fall Fest is tomorrow evening. He is very excited.  Greg is off, so he can take the kids around to all of the booths while I run mine.

The Bad:  I'm hoping we are all feeling well by then.  As room mom, I am running the face-painting booth.  I'm hoping that the volunteers show up and God will give my hands some sort of artistic promise.  I have never face painted in my life.

The Good: I am slowly working my way through the laundry.

The Bad: There are piles of folded laundry everywhere needing to be put up.  At least they're clean!

Fall Fest pictures to come!


David Wilcox Jr said...

Need to come by and see Charlie. Heard the key to good face painting is to use stenciles.....get well soon!

Shelley said...

Hey, I have a good EASY turkey recipe if you want me to pass it along! I LOVE face painting, wish I was there to help... but I know you will do GREAT. We all need to get together. Everytime I read a post I miss our times in Brady. Hope you are all feeling better. Hate sickness...Cant wait for pictures of your fall fest!