Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday morn, I woke and said to myself and husband "today is the day I will not throw up".  This food poisoning episode has really weakenend me, but prayer and the power of the mind always works.  So, off we went to church (sans Greg, who of course was at the clinic).  My goals for the day included church, a hot lunch for my children, and "trunk or treat" that evening.

Ms. Reagan did a wonderful job of teaching the kids that the Lord cleanses our sins inside and out.  They washed the outside of pumpkins and de-gutted (is that a word?) the insides.  Not the perfect scenerio when you are trying not to vomit, but I made it through.  Then they painted the smaller pumpkins.  I have never seen so many children at Sunday School and it just made my heart happy :)

I always feel like Father Kevin's sermon is written for me.  How narcissitic can I be?  We live in a fallen world.  God is not punishing us.  His own son died on the cross screaming his Father's name.  Can you imagine? He catches each one of our tears and hears every prayer.  He wants us to live to serve him.  It will never be perfect.  There are no tears, pain, or imperfection in heaven.

This morning we met with Father Kevin at our church.  I cried.  Greg expressed his anger.  We all talked together and prayed.  It was very therapeutic.We are so lucky to have someone to go to in times of sadness and doubt.

Ok, enourgh sad stuff.  I took the children out to lunch after church yesterday, promising a hot meal after days of sandwiches.  They ate so much! Poor babies.  I sipped broth and water and ate some croutons off a side salad.  Do not feel sorry for me.  I usually eat like a horse.

We made it to "trunk or treat" and it was a huge success!  I loved seeing so many friends there and watching Ben play all the games.  He made a hole in one on the golfing game and I screamed out loud.  Not exactly appropriate, but he feels like golfing might be his sport.  I will support him all the way, even it if means embarrasing myself in public.

At noon, we went to St. Mondays for a talk by Chef David and an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Greg ended up "eating for two".  Reagans mom, Lynette, always sends us home with extra dessert.  She is the sweetest!  Wish I would have gotten a picture :(  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


hotmessmomma said...

I am so glad that y'all had a chance to talk with Father Kevin. I really love our church, and I love that we have this support system in each other...see you Thursday! :)

Mom said...

I'm worried about you being so sick. You only had a few days relief before it hit again. Tell Greg I said to take care of you.


Melissa said...

So glad your faith is bringing you some peace! Father Kevin sounds special! Love you