Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bad Blogger

I'm so behind on blogging, but for good reason.  We have therapy sessions every day now.  The laundry from our weekend getaway was enormous for a family of four.  I'm thinking of wearing the same clothes a few days in a row from now on.  Monday, I was full of energy.  I had therapy sessions with Sadie, ran errands, kept an additional 4 children in the afternoon, then prepared a chicken fried steak dinner for Greg at 7 pm.  I started slowing down by Tues/Wed.  I wish I could have that much energy every day.  Thursday evening, I was welcomed by a little food poisining (not going to mention the establishment because I know better than to eat fast food).  Nothing like having your seven your old and two dogs standing next to you while you vomit.  Ben has been talking about it non-stop.  He may need some therapy.  Yesterday, I stayed on the couch most of the day and drank around 2 liters of water. I didn't even bathe.  Greg ran a bath for me yesterday. and I never made it to the water.  He ran another one for me this morning and said "today's the day". Ha!  I promise to take a bath and get dressed today.

Sadie update: Her metabolic tests from the geneticist have come back negative. We are still waiting on a few other tests, and the we are done!  I just want it to all be over and accept her for who she is.  On the other hand, we need to run these tests to make sure there is not some medication or diet change that could help her.  She will also be fitted for AFO's next week.  These are braces that help stabilize her ankles so she will stand better and learn to walk.  Gulp.  It always seems like one thing after another, but if it will help her, I'm on board.  All of these recent appointments and changes have gotten Greg and I a little down.  We are going to see our priest, Father Kevin, on Monday for some spiritual guidance.

This morning, Ben has built about ten forts for the dogs.  They always escape, but he is having a great time!

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rachel said...

love you...lots of prayers.