Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lovin' This Weather!

We had an early start this morn (thanks to Ms. Sadie), so we saw daddy off to work and walked on the new trail to the park around 8 or so.  Ben walked Louis and I strolled Sadie.  Poor Louis was so worn out after his long walk! There was another Boy Scout troup at the park, so Ben made a new friend! We arrived back to the house after an hour and a half, put Louis in his kennel and brought daddy and his co-workers some fresh cookies from the local bakery.  We then grabbed a quick bite to eat, and now Ms. Sadie is napping soundly and Ben is drawing.  Sometimes Saturdays are so perfect.  Ok, it would have been REALLY perfect if baby girl had slept past 6 am, but I'll take it.

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