Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Great Day!

I woke early to attend Ben's school Easter party. I have to say, it was one of the top Easter parties of his young life: live bunnies/chicks, a zip line, trampoline, fort, egg hunt, bunny hop, Chick Fil A (ironic), egg dyeing, and more.  His favorite find was an egg that contained a red clown nose! This could provide hours of entertainment...

Next was a much needed appointment at the salon!
And then...a pedicure!
Lots of special treatments today for the birthday girl :)
Greg told me to act surprised.

Wasn't really hungry when I arrived home, but asked Greg to get some Chili's takeout a bit later.  I had been out all day, missed the kiddos, and wanted to stay in and do a little bit of nothing for a while.  The boys had MESSY ribs.
And I had some appetizers. YUM.
The fam enjoyed cake and ice cream before and after dinner.  By the way, the ribs were part of Ben's second dinner.  He NEVER stops eating!

Sweet and funny birthday cards, a GPS for the van (courtesy of Greg; did I mention I get lost A LOT), some VERY short shorts, tank top, and shirt (from the kids, but obviously purchased by Greg), an Amazon gift certificate (can't go wrong there), and a Pottery Barn duvet I have been longing for! The best gift of all was the BEAUTIFUL weather. Just gorgeous!

Another gift is hearing Sadie's sweet laugh! Just had to share it with you...

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Melissa said...

I commented on the video on youtube already, but wanted to add that you look so pretty in that pic w/ the roses! Old age agrees with you ;)