Saturday, April 24, 2010

While The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play

I wish I had something to back this title up, but I don't.  No mischievous behavior here.  In fact, I'm completely debilitated.  I texted my workout buddy (who owns a home health company), and asked her for a walker and potty chair.  For me. It hurts to walk, potty, sit, stand, etc.  Greg's response?  "Wow, you should really do that class again". Sure thing, honey!
There was a big storm last night, but the weather brightened up mid-day.  I found Ben's bubble gun, and it still worked!  He purchased it last year at Gulf Shores for $10 (of his own allowance).  He was so happy and shot me for at least an hour!

Can you tell Ben is soooo over me taking his picutre?

Ben had a friend over for a play date later in the afternoon.
Fake smiles.

Then, we headed to the mouse house...

Those cheeks. That skin. Those rolls. Those bows. I just love this princess.
Look at her balance when the ride starts to spin around. I'm preparing her for the trip to you know where this summer!

Both kids are fast asleep, and I am on my way!


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