Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speech And Food

Today was Sadie's speech therapy evaluation.  I really liked the therapist (this is important).  Sadie whined through most of the evaluation. It involved lots of oral/facial touching.  Did I mention Sadie does not like to be touched above her shoulders?  She DOES NOT, and she will certainly let you know.  In fact, at one point the therapist said "Why yes you do have a lot of teeth don't you?", as Sadie started to bite her.  We learned she definitely qualifies for speech therapy: low oral tone, expressive/receptive language deficits.  No surprises.  I met a lot of nice women in the office today.  It's always nice to socialize with adults.  Sadie will officially start OT/Speech in Tyler beginning next Tuesday.  I'm already tired of the drive, and I've only been twice! I need to invest in some audio books. Last week, we went out to eat and then on to the mall for a little shopping.  This is a habit I cannot continue to participate in, so we left town as fast as possible!  Sadie falls asleep on the way home, but only for around 20 minutes.  She will need a second nap on Tuesdays for sure! 
Did I tell you she's cutting more teeth?  She has 12, and looks like she maybe getting 2-4 more!
The therapist was happy about her cup training.  We have been off the cup nipple for 5 days now with no significant meltdowns.
Today, I tried to push the limit with a hard spout cup.  I'm ambitious!

The therapist was also impressed with the variety of foods Sadie can tolerate (considering her low oral tone). Hey! That's my job!

Yesterday, we tried steamed zucchini and squash in a tomato sauce.

"I'm not sure about this Mom."

Moments before she decided to spit it out.

I'll keep trying! You can be sure of that!

I've been pushing Ben to try some new foods as well, and it's going surprising well.  I can only cook chicken so many nights per week!
Last night we had Asian soy burgers on whole grain buns with a pasta and vegetable medley (peas, red/yellow bell peppers), and he ate most of it.  Of course, we have to have a "pep talk" before he begins these new meals.
We are also eating healthier breakfasts.  I found a fabulous deal on toaster streudels at Sam's last month, and it was a HUGE mistake.  That's all he wanted for a month.  Needless to say, his streudel days are over.  And, I find NOT giving him a choice is much better for my sanity. We've been eating whole grain waffles/turkey sausage, breakfast burritos on high fiber tortillas, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc. It's so easy for moms to get in these "convenience" ruts!  I am learning from my mistakes.


Melissa said...

The looks she gives kill me!!! Dead!

She is too cute.

Melissa said...

Just looked a these pics again and I cannot get over how much she looks like you! It's more every day!