Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Ben's Blue and Gold Boy Scout Banquet (at a party barn in the middle of nowhere).  I did not get lost!  I did a "practice run" the day before to make sure I could find it.  The Garmin doesn't work on places that have no physical address. Imagine that!  Ben was very proud of his new patches and beads.

This is pack 31

I know it's hard to see all the boys, but imagine 20 people trying to take a picture at once.

This is the rocking chair that they will be taking to a nursing home tonight.  They painted bugs all over it, and it is adorable.  I think I'll take Sadie along with me tonight.  The residents will surely want to hold a baby!

When these boys get together, it is total chaos!  I had to pull Ben out of the action after I saw the first boy go down (with blood).  Someone is always injured at a meeting.  Is it the testosterone?? Greg has given many of these boys sutures, and I don't want Ben to be next.

When Dad arrived home that evening, Ben asked him if he could make a slingshot.  Within minutes, the boys were in the shed, sawing and sanding! Greg is such a great father! He worked a ten hour day, but had no problem helping Ben with that slingshot.  I don't tell him enough how wonderful he is, but that night I made a point to tell him he is an AMAZING father to his children.

I know Ben will kill me one day for these pictures, but I am his Mother and it is my right!  Underwear, argyle socks, and dress shoes: priceless! Greg was wearing the same, but wouldn't let me take a pic!

Sadie wanted to know where all the noise was coming from!

We finished the evening listening to Ben read.


My sugar pie had her follow-up opthomologist appointment yesterday, and we received some great news! No more patching for now!  Yay!

Oh, and I was granted my wish of adult conversation and a movie with Greg! We watched "The Hangover" in bed (I know I'm 2 years late), and it was hilarious!  I need to make an effort for more "dates" with my husband.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of Ben is awesome! And Sadie looks as beautiful as ever :)