Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad...

The Good: Sadie had two great doctor's appointments this week! Today was her audiological exam and she did so well.  She also had a wonderful ride today at Windridge.  The staff is amazed with her abs! If she falls backward, she does a full crunch to get back into position.  I have had nothing but amazing experiences with her hippotherapy staff, opthomologist (Dr. Hunter), and audiologist (Ken Martin).
The Bad:  These doctor's appointments stress me out.  I really had no worries about her hearing, but once I was in that sound-proof room, I started to panic a bit.  She didn't respond to some of the lower tones.  Luckily, this is perfectly normal for her age/attention span. 

The Good:  Greg really enjoys his job and the benefits that go along with it (and so do I!).  His continuing education is always paid for, including airfare, conference fees, books etc.
The Bad:  This weekend is Greg's weekend off, but he will be at an emergency medicine conference in Atlanta, GA for 3 days.  We will miss him!

The Good:  I am finally managing to shed some of my "winter coat".
The Bad: Apparently my metabolism has hit rock bottom (despite working out more than I ever have), and I am FORCED to manage my portions. Hello 34! Am I really 34?  I'm not going to lie.  It makes me sad.  I love food!  I have skipped many a meal at some recent events (to come home and make a salad), but it is really paying off.    I haven't eaten out in over a week.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop....Have you heard the new advertisment for the SuperSonic cheeseburger with cheddar peppers on it?  Is it wrong that I want it?  I promise, I would NEVER buy it, but it sounds good.  And if you act now, they'll throw in some free tots! Ok, I'm really done.  Yes, I am a registered dietitian, but I am human.

The Good: I have filled Ben's summer schedule: VBS, 2 week vacation, lego camp, swimming, and more...
The Bad: How will we pay for all of these activities?? Sheesh!

The Good: We are working on paying another big chunk of Greg's student loan.
The Bad:  I want to go shopping!!! For a weekend! Or a week!

The Good: Last night we visited a nursing home with Ben's Boy Scout troop.  We presented the facility with a handpainted rocking chair and sang The Star Spangled Banner.
The Bad:  I visited with quite a few residents, but the boys/parents rushed out of there so fast!  I let everyone who wanted to hold Sadie do so. I just wanted more time!  A baby brings energy to these places!  I need to make time on my own to visit the local nursing homes.  On the way home, I just bawled.  I just wanted to stay and visit and help them with their meals and hug them.  This is not uncomfortable ground for me.  Maybe I should go back to work part time.  We'll see what the future holds!

The Good:  My recycling bin runneth over! I have more recycled items than trash!
The Bad:  Obviously, I'm using too much plastic and paper and need to cut down!

Happy Earth Day tomorrow!  We will be planting a dogwood tree and blessing it at Ben's school in the morning.  Thinking about potting some new flowers with Ben after school.  We'll see...

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