Thursday, April 22, 2010


I cannot get enough of this amazing weather!  We have spent the last 2 hours outside.  Sadie is getting around quite well in her walker.  We have blocked off the "drop off" points with patio furniture, but it seems to be her goal to make it to the ER.  Here she is contemplating her escape.

I turn her around, she takes off, then looks at me with these eyes. I melt every time. Her daddy turns to mush.
Ben wants to spear me. Nice.

New construction would be nice, but I love looking up at these huge trees!

Do you see the tiny hydrangea buds?  Could it be that I have actually kept something alive for an entire year?! ( besides my children of course)

My new doormat, courtesy of a silent auction win at the Windridge Horse and Rider event.  I REALLY care about this doormat.  It cost me a pretty penny!

My new gourd bird feeder.  Sadie's therapist won the set of 3 bird feeders, but knew I had bid on them.  She gifted me on Tuesday with one of the trio!

Happy Earth Day!


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