Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mid-Week Mayhem!

Not really, but it's such a catchy title! It has been a busy couple of days, though. Ben attended his first Boy Scout meeting on Monday and to say there are a lot of "to do"s for Scouts is an understatement. We are on our way, though. Both Ben and I can tell you many facts about this badge

 Next week is a cake auction at Scouts, so today I did a test run on a black forest cake. Good golly, this was labor intensive!

So worth the lbs!

We are also gearing up for Ben's last swim meet of the season this Saturday :)  I have LOVED swim for him. It takes a lot of discipline and he has stuck with it and wants to continue. He has also gained a lot of muscle this season. I need to go ahead and buy the next size up of jeans (12!) to get him through the rest of winter. We already went up a size in his swim jammers.  We are about to see some rising temps this week, though. Hallelujah! I told Greg I was going to lay out! I am dying to feel the warm sun on my face.

In other news, I'm re-painting our dining room table. We painted it black many years ago, but the coats of paint and poly didn't dry properly and it was an uneven mess. I've kept a tablecloth on it FOREVER, but Ms. Sadie has decided she does not like tablecloths on surfaces (or towels on surfaces or clothes on the dresser-you get the picture). Greg has kindly sanded it down to a smooth surface and I'm just waiting on the paint to come in :)
The "Before"

And the dogs have a new dog bed. They are loving it, but wouldn't pose for a picture.

Tonight, Ben and I attended Ash Wednesday services. I love the energy of a night service! Greg stayed back with Sadie because she's a bit under the weather :(

Here's a silly one from a few days before her cold hit :) The crazier, the better in Sadie's eyes!

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