Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sign Me Up!

Friday was a BIG day in the Jacobs' household. I registered Sadie for kindergarten! The strange part ..I'm not that anxious about it. She will attend Lost Creek, which is a hop, skip, and jump from our house, the school therapists she has now will follow her there, and I've been told their special education department is great. The "team" and I will soon meet to have a preliminary discussion about her needs and goals.  Sadie loves school and I know she will transition nicely.

On the same day, I signed Ben up for a fun summer camp: 5 days/4 nights building robots and learning about GPS systems and other stuff I know very little about ;) He'll also get to do some normal outdoorsy camp stuff. I feel like his summer is pretty full now. Cousins Miles and Julian will visit at the beginning of summer, he will have camp mid-summer, and we will go to the beach towards the end of summer.  Lots of trips to the zoo, museums, and Pawnee Plunge will fit in between.

In other news, swim season has come to an end, with the state meet this past Saturday. Ben did a great job and set two personal records for himself on the 200 freestyle and the 50 freestyle.

Only a 3 day week for the little ones, then Ben and Greg are off on a Spring Break ski trip!

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