Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today I...

Woke at 3 am (thanks to Greg's snoring and obvious nightmares - seriously, he screams out in the middle of the night).  He never has any recollection. I'm considering filming him.  Anyway, I get up to use the restroom and trip over the suitcase where I have packed our clothes.  When I say tripped, I mean I'm laid out on the floor and there is blood.  I would like to call it a 7 inch laceration, but that would be too dramatic (and would likely require stitches).  Really, it is a 7 inch scrape, but it still hurts.  I thought I fractured my elbow, but it is just bruised.  Greg examined me and, once again, reminded me I am "the worst patient ever".  I can't blame him. I really am.

I catered to Sadie at 4 am.  She decided she needed to be read to.  Initially it was two books, but then became four.  She was satisfied after four.

Went to the track with my workout buddy at 6 am (a couple of miles and some stands)

Came home and ate a leftover hotdog.  I'm not kidding about demolishing these leftovers.

Fed the children and prepared for speech therapy.

Gave Ben his math worksheet - seriously, he is becoming more strong-willed by the day.  Greg and I are both VERY stubborn. I've said it before.  I keep thinking Ben will realize that I will ALWAYS win the battle, but he's starting to scare me a bit.  He was not allowed to play until he finished it.  He even has a new Lego game that came in the mail today that he purchased with his allowance. He stared and stared at it; then stared at his worksheet; then stared at the game.  It just wasn't worth it to him.  He has used multiple excuses..."I have to use the restroom"..."I'm dehydrated from the pool"...I think I might throw up...I have a nose bleed (ok, this was real and was actually quite a fiasco-I'm talking about a lot of blood).  He even fell asleep in his chair.  So...it is 5 pm and he is almost done with his math worksheet. Not good.  He actually said, "are you going to send me to bed without dinner".  He obviously has seen this on tv, but I assured him I would feed him (I would never deny food), but would definitely send him to bed if he did not complete his worksheet.

Took the kids to the pool after Sadie's nap.  I would have to say that I was a little short-tempered regarding the above, but thought the pool would make everyone happy. Wrong. Sadie screamed the entire time. Even during snack time. I made it through an hour and then it was time to go.  Ben did not take the decision well, but, seriously, everyone was staring as though my child had not been fed/bathed/napped/changed.  Not to mention they "closed the deep end due to lack of lifeguards".  This did not help the situation with Ben.

Printed off bank statements for our loan officer.  I've already done this, but now he wants itemized statements. Do they judge you regarding how much you eat out? I hope not.

Truly miss my dogs.  Our new home does not have a fence.  Of course, I will take them out multiple times per day, but worry about their happiness.  Well, not "their" happiness; only Charlie's. He's definitely a "seeker".  Louis would never run off.  I want a white picket fence, so I'm hoping Greg will get that done :), which is ridiculous because he will have a new job and I can't rightfully beg him to do that.

Contacted Columbus ISD again regarding Ben's school supply list.  They have yet to post it online, and although she said she would email it within the last 5 hours, I've yet to receive any email.  This is the first time I have ever been able to purchase school supplies. I'm excited!

Planned a play date for Ben.

Am praying for a sweet friend tomorrow.  Please keep Doug Sapp in your prayers as he receives a new pacemaker.  Just in case you need a reminder at how special he and his family are to this baby girl...

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