Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look What We Made!

My husband seriously amazes me. He found Sadie's first scooter. It was the perfect mobility device for her at the time. As she's grown, he has taken it apart, tweaked it and rebuilt it many times.  So many others have benefited from his "find". This little jewel has been a blessing for Sadie for many years.

But now she is outgrowing it. She has toppled over a few times. We added weights. The seat broke recently. Greg built a new one. Now she only wants to stand in it. It is just too small for this big girl.

We've looked for options, but none "fit the bill". So he's building her a new one. Right now, the prototype is PVC pipe and uncovered wood. Greg plans to pad and cover the wood, put on some "mega", all-terrain casters, and seal everything. If all works out, he will paint it or maybe even have another final version made by a welder. It is very spacious and provides excellent support for her to "walk" in it if she chooses.

I can't wait until she can start using it!

And on a much smaller scale, I made this wreath ;)

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Melissa said...

So impressed by Greg's handiwork!
And yours too :)