Monday, February 17, 2014


We had a FABULOUS Valentine's day! We all open our presents in the morning (who wants to wait?), eat chocolate/candy all day, and have a yummy dinner :)

Ben received footed Superman jammies and a Halo keychain for his swim backpack, chocolates, and cotton candy. Sadie received a Mrs. Potato Head and chocolates.

I was very surprised by a Keurig coffee maker. I have wanted to purchase one for about 6 months now, but Greg was undecided, so I was waiting him out. He is the main coffee drinker of the house, so the final decision was his. I really thought I was getting a massage gift certificate! And he bought red! Very pleased on this end! He also brought home flowers and dessert at the end of his shift. Swoon..

I gifted him with a wool peacoat, chocolate, and a book with 50 reasons I love him. He like the coat and chocolates and LOVED the book :)

Ben accompanied me to the grocery store and set the menu for our Valentine dinner.

Filet Mignon
Four Cheese Ravioli
Marinara and Alfredo Sauce

Clearly, I'm no food photographer and this pic will not post upright, but it was very tasty.

Saturday, we head to Omaha because WE ALL NEEDED TO ESCAPE THESE FOUR WALLS and the weather was decent. There was a KidzExplore event going on, so we decided to check it out. 

Looks like someone got that massage ;) ! 

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