Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ben's 11th Birthday!

I would say the main theme of Ben's birthday was FOOD.

He wanted sushi for lunch at school.

Ben at Nagasaki waiting on his spicy salmon and crunch rolls

After he was fast asleep on his birthday eve, we set up a balloon wall in front of his door.

This was filled with regular balloons, large bungee balloons and neon glow-in-the-dark balloons. That's what happens when you send Dad to the store for balloons. He also came home with neon silly string and a confetti bomb.  The balloon wall was kind of a bust because the morning train woke Ben early and he was half asleep and confused.

The confetti bomb, however, went well. We let it off just as he was arriving home after school.

Then it was present time!

He has asked for an iPod Touch for 3 years! He thanked us 10 times in 3 minutes :)

In the evening, Ben dined at his favorite mexican food restaurant - El Mezcal 

And much later, we celebrated with a DQ Blizzard cake. YUM! I may have had two pieces..

Some traits of Ben at this age:

Continues to explore his love for food (like his mama)
Loves Boy Scouts and sharing that special time with Greg
All things Minecraft and Halo
Can't wait for middle school
Very creative and opinionated :)
Loves swimming and wants to continue to compete this fall
Enjoys reading and music
Enjoys playing Nerf guns, tag, and Green Ghost with his neighborhood buddies

It was a great day to celebrate a GREAT BOY!

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