Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day

This is the first year we've made May Day baskets! It was a tradition for Greg growing up and he mentioned I should try and put something together with Ben, so that's what we did. Of course, I found some inspiration on Pinterest and completed the project for less than $20.

What I used:
Scrapbook paper, $5 for a 50 count tablet
Easter grass, $.08,  (75% off!)
2 boxes of Starburst, $1 (50% off)
2 boxes Laffy Taffy, $1 (50% off)
Gumballs, $2
Flower Seeds, $1.18 per packet
Ribbon, $.97
Stapler, tape, hole puncher

I simply shaped the paper into the cone, added a staple to secure, taped the sides, stuffed with goodies,  and tied ribbon and tags through punched holes. All in less than an hour!

Ben was super stealth with the delivery!

Here's hoping for some great May weather!

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