Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing Up!

My little man is really growing up.

Yesterday, was middle school orientation. I was a little nervous to drop him off in this crowd of people, but Ben has no problem striking up a conversation with strangers :)

We topped off his day with ice cream because milestone days call for ice cream.

Overall, he enjoyed his day, signed up for art and band electives and really likes his fitness teacher/coach. That's pretty much all he would divulge.

This past Sunday, a new chore was explored...

Hard work, but I think he did great! I'm not very judgmental because I have absolutely no desire to mow. Zilch.

The boys continue to really enjoy their Boy Scout campouts and venture off again tomorrow night. Here are a few fish pics from the last one.


They keep their drinking cup tied to them! How cute is that?!

This past Monday, Ben  attended the Court of Honor and received his red scarf :)

 It wasn't long ago, he was struggling to keep that flag off the floor (sigh).

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