Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giddy Up!

Sadie had her first ride of the season today!  Oh, how we have missed this place.  A bit rusty at first...but then she rode for around 35 minutes with no whining.

She was selected as a participant in a hippotherapy training class at Windridge, so she was able to ride today and will ride again Sunday morning.  I'm sure I have said this time and again, but if you ever find it in your heart to give, this is an amazing facility!  We gladly pay out of pocket, but there are sooo many other children who need these horses, but are unable to find funding.

While at Ben's piano practice last night, I found myself in a new waiting room, staring at the wall.

After being still for approximately 5 minutes (that's really the best I can do), I went downstairs and asked to join in on a group bible study that was going on.  I wasn't able to stay for the lesson, but was able to listen to some good music and recite some bible verses with the group.  My point?  The Lord speaks to me every day and helps me jump out of my comfort zone.  I am so grateful for His guidance.

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