Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good News

We FINALLY have Sadie's genetic testing back and it is NORMAL. 
So, what's next?

We just continue to do what we are doing.

Lots of therapy.

Feeding her powdered donuts ;)

And surrounding her with people her love and care for her.


hotmessmomma said...

Hey, that's wonderful...I guess that means Louis will do for now, but someone needs to provide more babies for the church family to love on...I think you and Trish are next... :)

ron said...

YAHOO!!! That is wonderful news-with you as her parents and with God, all things are possible! She is going to blossom and thrive! Love you all-How's Ben doing at the new school? and the new addition, Louie? Just had a weekend with all my kids, future in laws,Meg & Neals dog "Moose", Melissa & DJ and the kids, and Deb-I can handle anything!!?!! Take care Love - Ann