Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

While purchasing some decor for Sadie's party, I had a little cry session.  Warning to all who are coming:  I might cry the entire time.  Happy tears; not sad.  I just cannot believe she is already 2!

Ben had a note in his folder, reporting he was looking under the stalls in the boys' bathroom.  He said other boys were doing it too, but I told him to please NEVER do that again.

I signed Ben up for Boy Scouts again and changed his piano day to accomodate.  Let the activity carnival begin..

Ben has a play date tomorrow with his friend Blake, and he is VERY excited.

Sadie starts riding at Windridge next week and she is VERY excited ;)

Greg started work at the free clinic on Wednesday and said it went very well.

My friend, Rachel, whose baby has severe hypotonia and epilepsy, is taking a 2 week trip to Duke University to get some answers for her sweet baby.  I am in some serious prayer about this. 

I am excited to start a new bible study with some friends.  I so need this.

I worked out today.  Not enjoyable, but I did it.

We plan to do something on Labor Day, but have no idea what "it" is.

My mom is going on a business trip to New York, and I am so excited for her.  She works so hard at her job, and little perks like this make it worthwhile.

Greg and I are taking advantage of a weekend getaway in October, and I'm so thankful that my sister has agreed to watch the kids and dog :)

My nephew, Dylan, was hit by a car yesterday evening while riding his skateboard.  He is fine, other than some soft tissue injury and cuts/scrapes.  I am so grateful.  I pray that he heals quickly and never gets on a skateboard again.

Louis is adjusting to his "alone time".  I just give him extra love when I get home, and that seems to make it all better. 

I have lots to do this week, but I'm excited about Sadie's party!

Ok, I think I'm done.

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Shelley said...

I am so EXCITED to find your blog! I LOVE blogging :) OK, I am rather addicted!! I am not near as good at it now that I am working full time but I am so glad that I can keep up with you now through blog-world! Adorable Family :)