Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last night, Sadie had a friend sleep over ;)

We played with dolls, watched Barney, and read LOTS of books. 
Sadie received so many books for her birthday, and we have read them all!
She loves to be read to, as does Emily (which is why you see Em sitting in her lap!).

We made a "bed" on the floor of our bedroom for Sadie.  Everytime I checked on her, she was in a different part of the room. I think she would have rolled into the bathroom if she could have fit through the doorway! Her new nickname is "Roly Poly".  She woke at 5:30 this morning.  I found her beating on the closet doors.  Not a problem for me, since I was already up, but she is over-tired today (to say the least).  Thank goodness, we didn't get kicked out of church (yet...).  Her screams can be quite loud.

In other news, Sadie will be sporting some bling this Fall.

I'm really into all the sequined stuff for little girls!

I did feel a little guilty today when I looked at Ben and realized his polo was 2 times too small.  Time to go clothes shopping for him (although he will refuse to participate)!

Yesterday, I took out some of my Fall decor and bought a few new things.  I love pumpkin spice candles! Greg will get the Halloween decor down soon (so he tells me).  If you think I'm getting in that crawl space he calls an attic, you are WRONG.  I am terrified to go up there.  The kids Halloween costumes are already purchased, and Ben wears his everyday.  I love how I get my money's worth with that child.
A wizard and a witch.  Not really church-friendly, I know...

Greg wasn't down with buying Louis a costume, but maybe he'll get the Halloween spirit soon!


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Tricha said...

Emily had a wonderful time with Sadie, thank you so much for keeping her for us. On the way to church she was saying all your names "Sarah, Sadie, Ben and Greg" She says Greg, Gweg, it is very cute.
Thanks again!

PS: I think Emily has those same jeans. :)