Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Friend

This is our friend, Lleyton.
He is 16 months old.
Lleyton cannot sit, feed himself, or hold his head up for a short amount of time.
He has hypotonia, epilepsy, and GI problems.
Can you imagine watching your child struggle to move, seize constantly, and be in terrible pain due to unexplained GI issues?
His story breaks my heart.
If you could meet this precious child and his family, you would be so impressed.
They are such fighters.
He will be at Duke University for two weeks (around the 3rd week in September).
Please, please pray for this sweet baby boy.  Pray for the doctors.  Pray that his family finds some answers.
God is good, and I am praying for a miracle  for precious Lleyton.

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Melissa said...

What a sweet little boy! I will be praying for him!!