Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was a loaded day!
We started the day off with speech therapy.
Next was a trip to the store for some paper towels.  I was out and cannot function without them.
Then we headed to ETPOC for a follow-up visit for Sadie's braces.  Everything looked good :)
Then it was home for lunch and Sadie's nap.
I babysat 3 other children throughout the afternoon.  Imagine Ben's surprise when I picked him up from school with four other children in the car!
Then it was home for a quick snack and off to piano we went.
We made it home around 6 pm, so I grilled steaks, baked some potatoes (w/ olive oil and sea salt YUM), and warmed up some cinnamon apples.
By the way, I ate a huge steak in Hamilton and have not been able to stop since!  Clearly, I am iron-deficient.  I have eaten at least 4 steaks since then :)  Remember that post where I said I was very close to becoming a vegetarian?!
Next: baths and some laundry.  I realized around 8 pm that all of Ben's uniforms were dirty!
I made it to bed by 9, just in time for Greg to get home.  We talked for a while about work.  I noticed hime eyeing the ceiling fan during our conversation.  The he climbed up onto the bed, wiped his finger across one of the blades and showed me an inch of dust on his finger.  Guess what I'll be doing today?
Can you believe I couldn't sleep?  I finally was out by midnight!
I'm on my first cup of coffee now and feel like there will be at least two more in my future :)


Melissa said...

I totally have Disney brain because I read ETPOC at Epcot! (hehehe)

Girl, I with you on the steaks. Love them so much. (and the baked potatoes)

I'm making baked potatoe soup for dinner tonight- trying to lighten it up though w/ fat free 1/2 and 1/2. If it's any good I'll give you the recipe. You actually bake the potatoes first.

Sounds like you had a DAY! I need to get Ben to play for me next time we are there. I've never even heard him!

Melissa said...

That was supposed to say " I AM with you on the steaks"

That is what I get for trying to type while I am working

Mom said...

Mmmmmm.....I love steak!