Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Days

It has been dreary/raining for days here! We have just been hanging around the house trying to organize a bit.  I finally organized my closet (so needed!) and plan on taking a huge amount of clothes to Goodwill this week.  I also purchased a few new toy containers for Sadie's room.  That girl has sooo many toys because I saved everything from Ben's baby years.  It looks a little better, but there are still two huge baskets in the living room piled high with more toys.  We also FINALLY took all of the Christmas trees down.  We just need to get the boxes into the attic.  What was I thinking putting 3 trees up?!  I've done a little v-day decorating, but have a few more things in mind.  I just noticed my nativity seen is still up in the foyer! Must get that down today.  I've had one grumpy girl on my hands the last few days...no fever/no drainage.  I think she may be getting some more teeth in back on the top, but she bites the heck out of me everytime I look.  Who knows?

I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday just to get them out of the house, but it was packed, and, therefore, short-lived.  Ben did hit a jackpot on one of the games and won 120 tickets, so that was a highlight :) 
Last night we had Cub Scouts. Ben always has the best time at his den meetings.  Unfortunately carrying an ever-growing toddler, stroller, and diaper bag up three flights of stairs is dreadful.  I lost my balance last night (imagine that :) ), and fell.  I was so intent on protecting Sadie's head, that I sprained my wrist and have many new bruises.  Nice.
I MUST go to the grocery store today! I've been avoiding it with grumpy girl on my hands. We ate pigs-in-a-blanket last night because that's seriously all I had in the fridge.  I've made a few new recipes last week, but they weren't big hits with the family, so I'll just keep trying :).
Hope everyone has a great week!


Tricha said...

Oh, what a time you have had. We missed you at Elisa's party, Christy said you were sick. I am sorry you fell...Did anyone see you? That is what I am always worried about :)

I wish the Sun would come out. We all took a short walk after school around the block just to get out of the house.

I hope your week improves, see you Thursday.

Amanda said...

Ok... True Story! Lily and I had pigs-in-a-blanket for dinner a few nights ago and I was talking to Cindy that night and told her what we had for dinner and told her how you would probably cringe if you knew how we ate around here!

rachel said...

keep that chin up, gal. you guys are doing such a great job, lady! seriously. i hope you are less sore/colorful today, too. all things shall be well.

love you, friend!