Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sadie's hippotherapy was cancelled yesterday, so we did some therapy at home, then headed to lunch at a nearby cafe.  I love taking her to "girly" places.

I had tortilla-encrusted tilapia with tomatillo sauce and salad.  Can you believe steak wasn't on the menu!?  Sadie had fruit salad and shrimp.  She is becoming very picky.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn't.  Unfortunately, she has been spitting out the latter as soon as it hits her taste buds. Not really mannerly. She likes cantaloupe, but not honeydew or pineapple.  She ate one piece of shrimp, but much preferred my fish.  We ended up trading plates :)

After that, we went to a local nursing home to visit the residents before lunch.  Sadie was a big hit!  I deferred from taking photos, as there were no family members around and I felt I should have permission first (most of the residents were not lucid).  We will try to make it at least twice a month.  I have a ton of paperwork to fill out and a background check in my future, but it will be worth it.

Sadie was pretty exhausted after our excursion and took a great nap!


Melissa said...

She looks like an angel in this second picture!!! Those curls!!


Mom said...

What's up with the forms and background check? Mom's out of the loop!