Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am so glad Sadie has therapy this morning at 8:30 so I can stay in my nice warm house and let my husband take Ben to school.  We are told there will be snow this evening :)  Hope it sticks so Ben can make his yearly snowman.  Thus far, he has only been able to play with the icicles from the two fountains :(  He will spend a good hour in the freezing wind, breaking off icicles and smashing them on the patio.  It's the simple things..

Miss Sadie is on dose 4 of antibiotics and doing much better.  We spent most of the day reading her books, letting her watch movies, and trying to force fluids.  She spit out most of her food.

Ben has been on green all of this week since the "incident".  Daddy's stern talk and the threat of taking away the privilege of attending one of his best friend's parties this weekend did the trick.

Greg was off yesterday, so I was able to go for a mani/pedi.  Yay!

My insomnia is allowing me to be very productive.  Taxes were completed around 3 AM and I am all caught up on my Esther homework for bible study.

Today I am making some large batches of chicken tortilla soup for the youth's Souper Bowl Sunday at church.  I thought they deserved better than canned chicken, but I made Greg pull off the meat from those 3 large birds.  He was nice enough to leave the 3 wishbones on the counter for me to eye all day. Yuck.  Did anyone watch Oprah the other day when she showed a meat processing plant? I never even turn on the tv, and the one day I do, this is what I get!? That was hard to watch.  I know they are killed humanely (if you call a bolt to the brain humane), but watching them go from a live animal to ground beef and steaks in  a few hours was not fun.

The upcoming weekend is full with a birthday party, church, and a super bowl party.  Greg is working, but I'm hoping he wil at least make it by halftime.  I'm going for the Packers and Ben is going for the Steelers.  Should be fun!

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